Delhi Gang Rape Agitation Survey Indian Hypocrisy

In crime, India on 24 Dec 2012 at 12:31

One has to see the agitators gushing sound bites in the Electronic Media on the atrocity of  Gang Rape in New Delhi .

Hordes of people surged towards the India Gate,Rajpath and Raisina Hill, home of The president of India.

Laudable,won’t you think?

A Story was published in The Times of India

Minor Girl Raped,Video Clips posted on Internet

I posted the Following comment

‘The solution lies in ostracizing the culprits, enhancement of family values,moderate dressing and the refusal to accept decadent Western values like Drinking even by girls in Bars where the atmosphere in carnal. If the girls still refuse the code of Safety and honor, none can help for you can not help some one who willfully steps int to an abyss. House parties which generally degenerate into Drunken brawls and orgies are to stopped in Families. The excessive income from IT and Corporate Sector lure the youth by providing money more than they could handle.’

One reply reads,

xyz (gurgaon) replies to S.V.Ramanan
1 hr ago
get lost…and make some sense’
What a responsible  reply!
These people will protect women,assuming the writer is a Man!
Now read the results of the following online Survey by Times of India on Crime and More punishment.
Punishment for Rape  Chemical Castration 37.8%
Death penalty 48%
Life Term 14.2%
Women responded stating that they were victims of Lewd comments 68.6%
Skimpy Clothing 3.7%
Did people around you tray to Help?
NO 90.8%
Excellent hypocrisy.
People don’t want to help people in distress, yet they shout as the Champions for Women!
Women seem to highlight every thing except their clothing and behavior in Public.
As in fight against Corruption Hypocrisy rules.


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  1. Capital punishment is not the right way to go, the countries that have the lowest rape rates in the world have banned capital punishment. Instead, healing and restoration by the power of God is the way India should choose to solve this problem: http://holyspiritactivism.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/india-needs-the-holy-spirit/

    God bless you!


    • I agree that the Faith in God contributes to Social stability.
      India despite its Great Hinduism sadly is imitating the ways of the West under the gab of free society.
      Time we return to our Faith.


  2. […] Delhi Gang Rape Agitation Survey Indian Hypocrisy (ramanan50.wordpress.com) […]


  3. […] Delhi Gang Rape Agitation Survey Indian Hypocrisy (ramanan50.wordpress.com) […]


  4. Those shouting for ‘death sentence to rapists’ were a few days back shouting slogans to abolish death penalty.Chameleons


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