Gun Laws Surprising Why More Shootings Are Not In US!

While it is saddening to know that there are shootings and Deaths in The US, it is hardly surprising for this endemic phenomena.

A look at the Gun Laws in The US would tell you why.


While it is saddening to know that there are shootings and Deaths in The US, it is hardly surprising for this endemic phenomena.

A look at the Gun Laws in The US would tell you why.

Guns and US

If the Society has not evolved from the fear Psychosis of the Civil War, and has antidiluvian Laws Governing Gun Control, one should be happy that there are no shoot outs on a Daily Basis.

Guns and Armaments and The US.

Look at these figures.





Arms sales
(US$ m.)

(US$ m.)

Arms sales
as share of
total sales,
2010 (%)

(US$ m.)

ment, 2010
2010 2009 2010 2009
1 1 Lockheed Martin United States Aircraft, Electronics, Missiles, Space 35 730 33 430 45 803 78 2 926 132 000
2 2 BAE Systems United Kingdom Aircraft, Artillery, Electronics, Missiles, Military vehicles, Small arms/ammunition, Ships 32 880 32 540 34 609 95 1 671 98 200
3 3 Boeing United States Aircraft, Electronics, Missiles, Space 31 360 32 300 64 306 49 3 307 160 500
4 4 Northrop Grumman United States Aircraft, Electronics, Missiles, Ships, Space 28 150 27 000 34 757 81 2 053 117 100
5 5 General Dynamics United States Artillery, Electronics, Military vehicles, Small arms/ammunition, Ships 23 940 23 380 32 466 74 2 624 90 000
  • Arms sales are defined by SIPRI as sales of military goods and services to military customers, including both sales for domestic procurement and sales for export. Military goods and services are those that are designed specifically for military purposes and the technologies related to such goods and services.
  • Although it is known that several Chinese arms-producing enterprises are large enough to rank among the SIPRI Top 100, a lack of comparable and sufficiently accurate data makes it impossible to include them. There are also companies in other countries, such as Kazakhstan and Ukraine, that could be large enough to appear in the SIPRI Top 100 list were data available, but this is less certain.
  • Companies are ranked according to the value of their arms sales in 2010. An S denotes a subsidiary company. A dash (–) indicates that the company did not rank among the SIPRI Top 100 for 2009.
  • Company names and structures are listed as they were on 31 Dec. 2010. For subsidiaries and operational companies owned by a holding or investment company, the name of the parent company is given in parentheses along with its country, where it differs.

Figures for arms sales, total sales and total profit are in millions of US dollars.


Since 1992, the United States has exported more than $142 billion dollars worth of weaponry to states around the world.[1] The U.S. dominates this international arms market, supplying just under half of all arms exports in 2001, roughly two and a half times more than the second and third largest suppliers. [2 ] U.S. weapons sales help outfit non-democratic regimes, soldiers who commit gross human rights abuses against their citizens and citizens of other countries, and forces in unstable regions on the verge of, in the middle of, or recovering from conflict.

U.S.-origin weapons find their way into conflicts the world over. The United States supplied arms or military technology to more than 92% of the conflicts under way in 1999.[3] The costs to the families and communities afflicted by this violence is immeasurable. But to most arms dealers, the profit accumulated outweighs the lives lost. In the period from 1998-2001, over 68% of world arms deliveries were sold or given to developing nations, where lingering conflicts or societal violence can scare away potential investors.[4]  ..

Sales from the 44 US-based companies featured accounted for over 60% of all arms sales by the top 100 producers in 2010, with Lockheed Martin topping the list at $35.7bn (£22.4bn) worth of arms sales in 2010. The Many Eyes below shows the top 100 companies by total arms sales.

Gun Control Laws US.

Guns on Campus

Dubbed the “Campus Personal Protection Act,” this model legislation would allow handguns to be carried on campus. The ALEC bill would also “limit” regulations that the governing boards of colleges imposed on the carrying of guns on campus.

The bill is part of a wave of “concealed carry” gun laws that have passed around the nation–some with ALEC’s help. As the Center for Media and Democracy notes, “allowing ‘concealed carry’ has been a long-standing part of the NRA-ALEC agenda, passing in Wisconsin a year ago at the urging of Governor Scott Walker, who was given an award by the NRA for making this item law along with a version of the controversial ALEC-NRA “Stand Your Ground”/”Castle Doctrine” bill. A concealed carry law also was just passed last week in Michigan.”

2. Immediate Firearm Purchases

ALEC wants you to be able to get your gun–and get it fast. Blueprint legislation passed by the group’s NRA-chaired “Public Safety and Election Task Force” would prohibit waiting periods from being used on gun purchases. “The imposition of ‘waiting periods’ for firearms purchases is a diversion of scarce law enforcement resources away from violent crime and criminals,” the bill reads. 

3. More ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

The Trayvon Martin case made “stand your ground” laws, or “Castle Doctrine” laws, a household name. Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, claimed that he acted lawfully in “self-defense” when he shot the unarmed teenager. Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” bill on the books that makes it more difficult to prosecute people for killing someone if they claim “self-defense.”

ALEC wants to bring more of these laws to your state. Here’s how they sum up what the bill does: “This act authorizes the use of force, including deadly force, against an intruder or attacker in a dwelling, residence, or vehicle under specified circumstances.” Many states already have have “stand your ground” laws.


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