100.000 LED Down the River Photo Essay

The inaugural Tokyo Hotaru festival was held last weekend. And kicking off the festivities were an impressive display of 100,000 LED lights – made to resemble hotaru (fireflies) – that floated down the Sumida River through central Tokyo. Dubbed “prayer stars,” the LEDs were provided by Panasonic, who claims that the balls, which were designed to light up upon contact with water, were 100% powered by solar energy. After illuminating a large stretch of the river, which also hosts a popular fireworks festival in the summer, the LEDs were all caught in a large net.



LED Show.1
LED Show.1


LED Show 2
LED Show 2


LED Show 3
LED Show 3


LED Show 4
LED Show 4


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2 thoughts on “100.000 LED Down the River Photo Essay”

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