Walmart Issues ID To Retailers Begins India Operations

Wal-Mart the Giant Chain has started issuing ID to Retailers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and started constructing Storage Facilities and Offices even before FDI Bill is passed and has become law!

It is constructing Storage Facilities in Tambaram,Thiumazhsai and Vanagaram, suburbs of Chennai,Tamil Nadu and Wal-Mart has a full-fledged Marketing Office in Anna Nagar,Chennai.

Tamil Magazine Kumudam reported last week this fact.

Subsequently the construction workers are reported to have been threatened and warned against disclosing the details of the ownership of the Constructions.

Not only this, Wal-Mart has issued Identity cards to Retail dealers in Chennai and have gone ahead in marketing their Chain even to barber shops.( Kumudam Reporter Dated 12/12/2012)

On publication of this report the Company is to cajoled, threatened the card holders.

Hindu Makkal Katchi has filed a Police complaint and the investigations are on.

Source:Kumudam Reporter Dated 12/12/2012


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On the joyous occasion of The Indian Government winning the vote in Parliament on FDIin Retail Trade, I have great pleasure in informing my readers how Wal-Mart broke the Law even before entering Indian Market.

The exclusive story by Reuters explains how Wal-Mart surreptitiously entered India and how it lobbied.

Story by Reuters:


Wal-Mart’s Indian joint venture has suspended several senior executives and delayed the opening of some stores in the country as part of an internal bribery investigation, the company said on Friday.

It is the latest in a series of setbacks for the retail giant’s international operations and comes at a particularly sensitive time here because Indian policy makers recently allowed foreign retailers like Wal-Mart to open stores in the country. The investigation seems to have emboldened opposition lawmakers in New Delhi who are trying to overturn the government’s decision on foreign retailers.

The Economic Times was a good venue in India to break this story.  In a classic sentence, they painted with a very light brush the problem of corrupt business practices in India:

As companies in India, like in Mexico, are susceptible to pay bribes at various levels to get reams of licenses required to start and operate businesses, Walmart wants to make sure they do business with only those vendors who don’t indulge in such activities.

Reading this you would think that somehow Walmart was a simple bystander in the bribery business both in India and Mexico, as opposed to having paid over $20 million USD in bribes to get its way in Mexico, and an unknown amount in India.  The Economic Times and reporter Rasul Bailay are being disingenuous here.  When they say “companies in India…are susceptible to pay bribes…to get licenses…to start and operate businesses…” they have to know that this is likely what Bharti Walmart itself was doing and not simply suppliers.  Furthermore, If the suppliers were paying bribes to advance their businesses, the bribes would be finding their way into the pockets of Bharti Walmart buyers and executives….


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4 thoughts on “Walmart Issues ID To Retailers Begins India Operations”

  1. if we are earnest; we can support our retailers at any cost; let us work towards right causes; we can afford to bear the cost;


    1. The issue is one of legality.If a Corporate can break laws even before it is approved , imagine what it can do once allowed.
      The impression that consumers can change corporate culture is illusory.
      I will be blogging on how these companies bought MPs on FDI


  2. In the name of wholesale trading Bharti Walmart has started a multibrand outlet under the name of BestBuy at Meerut.They are selling goods to card holders only.Even retailers are buying goods from them.One Namkeen manufacturer of Meerut told me that they approached him and asked to manufacture namkeen for BestBuy.When he told his rates he was asked to use inferior quality cheap cooking oil to make the namkeen cheaper. He refused to play this dirty trick.


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