Story of Giant Coca Cola Crate

All of have seen the iconic Coca Cola crate.What is its story and who is behind it?

Coco Cola crate_jpg.
Coco Cola crate.

‘We’ve all seen the famous yellow crates, and whether the logo was in English, Arabic, Spanish or Vietnamese, we knew exactly what they were used for — carrying Coke bottles known to consumers the world over.

At his home about 25 miles from Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters, the now 90-year-old Chandler was able to share with us what went into creating the massive crate some 50 years ago.

Through our conversations, I also learned that Chandler was responsible for installing every rivet in thousands of wooden Coca-Cola poster frames that sold for a mere $2. Today, they’re considered coveted collectibles worth hundreds of dollars.

As for the Coca-Cola posters that he framed, Chandler lithographed many of them himself — using the storied “Coca-Cola red” paint — which he blended as carefully as if he were mixing the celebrated beverage Secret Formula.

And thanks to a Coca-Cola employee named Jason Grubbs, I also discovered why the giant crate was built in the first place — another mystery solved!


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