Cell Phone To Control Prevent Gas Fire’Leakage. Video.

As both husband and wife work, people often tend to forget switching off the Gas Cylinder.

Even while at Home they often do not switch off the Gas Cylinder Off.

The Gas Fire is something that can nor be easily controlled or doused.

A Physics Teacher from Vellore,Tamil Nadu,India has invented a Gadget to switch off the Gas Switch off by remote.

A Cell Phone is connected to Circuit Board, which is connected to the Gas Switch.

Samsung Mobile_jpg.
Samsung a 877.

When one wants to switch off the Gas , all one has to do is ring up the Cell Phone that is connected to the Gas Switch and the The Gas is switched off.


Ack:Sathiyam TV.

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    1. This is Flash news from Sathiyam TV.
      I will post on receiving information.
      Should be able to do it.
      The problem might be if we send a signal directly through the CB from Cell, may be Dangerous.
      Let’s wait.


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