A Mother’s Agony’ Over Her Son.You Are Not Alone.

I read a moving article on blogher,by a Mother on her son..

It was agonizing to go through the article.

Why is it the children behave the way they do?

Is it because they take the Parents granted?

Or is it because they are the people who would not hit back because of Love and Affection?

Yes Children raised themselves on their own.

Parents did nothing.

Parents are some thing to be ridiculed  and insulted.

A seed also becomes a tree begetting seeds.

The last line of the Mother was poignant.

‘I don’t know. But please tell me I’m not alone. And that it will be okay.’

Rest Assured, You are not Alone.

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I can only quote Shakespeare.

‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
To have a thankless child.
King Lear (1.4.280)


A Mother's Agony Over Her Son_/4092/5003530689_0a986019c6.jpg
A Mother’s Agony Over Her Son.

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I’m really tired of my son.

The level of disrespect and general level of unhappiness is becoming so distressing that I’m barely functioning as his mother. I don’t want to be around him. I don’t want to do anything for him.

I’ve given this so much thought — maybe too much. What am I doing wrong? Why is he so unhappy? Is he depressed? Do we have a real issue here?

I don’t have the answer. He is generally a normal, happy boy. Until it comes to me or his father. The way he treats us is just…horrifying. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is ever right. Ever enough.

Why? How did we create this person who disrespects, demands, and blames us for everything? How did he become so… spoiled?

What do you do when all you want to do is scream, and cry, and hit, and run away?

What do you do when it’s always just boiling. Festering.

When the last thing you want to hear is anyone’s voice. Whether disrespecting, whining, asking, needing.

When you can’t for the LIFE of you imagine what else they could possibly need. What you AREN’T doing?

When the more you give them, the more they want. The more they complain. The more they tell you they hate you. What a terrible mother you are.

Who am I raising? And what am I doing wrong. Isn’t the way he treats me a reflection on my motherhood?

I love him so much. This is not the mother I wanted to be. I wanted to be the mother who has long talks, and listens, and encourages moving away from the norm. Using imagination, experimentation. Trial and error.

But I’m not.

I’m the mother who needs strict adherence to the rules. The routine. Do it now the way I want it done before my head blows off.

I don’t know why. Because I work from here, and I need some level of understanding and order? Because I just need people to not be contradictory even for just a little while?



Sons Leave Dad to rot and Die.

Two West Seattle brothers accused of literally leaving their father to rot to death now face felony elderly-abuse charges.

King County prosecutors contend Kenneth and Keith Shaw lived rent-free in their parents’ Alki neighborhood home while their 86-year-old father wasted away, neglected. Police contend the pair of 50-somethings refused to move their parents into a nursing home because they wanted to inherit their parents’ ample savings.

Conditions were so bad when paramedics arrived in November 2010 that a trail of blood followed Kyle Shaw Jr. as the first responders carried him from the home, Seattle Police Det. Suzanne Moore told the court.


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4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Agony’ Over Her Son.You Are Not Alone.”

  1. Sad story–unfortunately ,happens in quite a few households these days. Mother;s umbilical cord connection remains all thru her life & the spoilt brat better learn a lesson fast. After his marriage , things are gonna get worse –unless she is lucky to get a sane DIL.

    May be this boy is on to drugs– he requires to be Counselled at the earliest anyway.


  2. why i am getting the pop msg, ‘this mag  has blocked…’

    >________________________________ > From: Ramani’s blog >To: drsdm23@yahoo.in >Sent: Friday, 16 November 2012 9:19 AM >Subject: [New post] A Mother’s Agony’ Over Her Son.You Are Not Alone. > > > WordPress.com >ramanan50 posted: “I read a moving article on blogher,by a Mother on her son.. It was agonizing to go through the article. Why is it the children behave the way they do? Is it because they take the Parents granted? Or is it because they are the people who woul” >


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