‘Naipaul ,Tone Deaf’ Girish Karnad Video. He is Right

There are people who achieve fame or notoriety beyond their capabilities.

Ascribe it to Fate.

Such a Man is Naipaul.

As Taslima Nasreen Tweeted ‘ If Naipaul wrote his books in one of the Indian regional languages, he would have been an unknown writer even in India.’

How true!

What does he know about Music or the contribution of Muslims to India, whether it be in Architecture,Music,Sufism,Cuisine,-you name it, they have done it.

Girish Karnad is right in his observation.

‘Now Mr Naipaul has written three books on India, three very big books and if you read them you will find that not one of them contains any reference to music. He has gone through the whole of India without responding to Indian music. Now I think that this only means that he is tone deaf. That’s my reading of the situation but then there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be tone deaf. He has no music and therefore no conception of what the Muslims contributed to our history. This concept of what the Muslims did in Indian history clearly shows that he has no idea of at least the music bit.”

Some object to his choice of venue.

If some one who does not deserve is honored, the right place is to object is where it is conferred.


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