Time 4, Cyclic-Explained with Slow Motion,Ultra Motion.

Time, as  seen, is relative.

Time Warp.


Time in Indian philosophy is an Attribute of Reality, so is Space.
The Cyclic Theory of Time overcomes the Non Linear Theory of Time in that there is no seeming contradiction in comprehending different time scales.


to illustrate,; you take a snap of an action, say a cricket match with two different cameras, one with a higher speed and another with ultra slow speed.


If a catch has been under dispute, the ultra slow motion camera will show the exact action, that is, whether the catch has been taken cleanly by the fielder.


The same information will not be available in a High speed camera.


One camera shows an action and another does not show it.


Which is True in relation to Time?


That is to say, one instrument recording the event for the same period does not show it, though it should have passed the time at which the event has taken place and the other shows the same event, which it has passed.


Recordings provide us with two projections.


Ordinary  Daily events we see are recorded here in Ultra Slow motion and In Fast Mode.


Which ‘Seeing is Correct?’


What do we See?





If it is due to the quality of instrument, then can we not say each one of them is correct or both of them are wrong?


So when we talk about Perception, Time factor is one of the coordinates we do not know much about, if we accept Linear Theory.


If we accept Cyclic Theory, we can say the event has happened and not happened.


The difference is the relative positioning.

Again, an event is a form of energy.


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.


If we accept the Theory of Linear Time, we have to say the event is no more or is destroyed.


Under Cyclic Theory, this does not happen as everything happens, happened and will happen at the same time.
Recent researches on Human Brain have shown that the Brain anticipates action yet to take place and keeps the senses like eyes to receive the message and in fact receives (ref. TOI Aug 08) the message ahead of the event.


Time moves both forwards and backwards .Time is a Stream; so is Space. Per se they are Absolute. They are Relative to the observer.


To put it in simpler words ,things exist in Space and Time at all times irrespective of your positioning and what we say to-day has happened ,is now happening at another level for an observer positioned to observe it.


For them, our Universe is Past. Similarly for another observer, what we see as future, may be Present.


If we accept the Linear Theory of Time, we can not account for the time factor.

(This leaves an interesting question. Do we really see what we see?
Do we prove the existence of eyes because the scenes are seen or do we see things because we have eyes?)


We will be able to Realize Self when we transcend Space and Time.



What is Reality? Stephen Hawking asks..





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