Should You Correct Your Child’s Homework?


I find parents ,under the pretext of helping(/) children correct their Homework.This starts quite early.


The Child,naturally is frustrated.


My Daughter attempts to do the Homework for my Grandson; he either does exactly opposite to her instructions  or throws the Notebook away.


I support him-mind you he is 4!


True, I have seen most, Imay say, all parents do their ChildrenHome work, under the guise of helping them.


This becomes such a routine the child as it grows up asks its parent, especially the Mother to do the Homework.


And she does.


I recall that my father did not even know in which Class I was studying, though he was the Head Master of the School!


At times, while taking Classes, where I sit,he used to ask me whether I belonged to that Class!


As to my mother, well, what she was interested wa whether I ate properly.


Such was the Freedom parents gave us.


We did our Homework,though it was not as heavy as it is today and if we forgot, faced the Music!


I might add,to emphasize, despite this ‘inattention’ on the part of my parents, I came out District Second and School First.


In their anxiety parents resort to this Homework>


What they do is to de-motivate the child.


Unless one makes mistakes, one never learns, as in Life.


Schools have their own contribution to make.


They conduct Interviews for parents before admitting the Child to pre-KG!


If your parents are educated and give an undertaking that they will check the Child’s Homework daily, the child gets the admission!


Leave the Child be.


“Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My son just started 5th grade and I noticed that when I check his homework, he is making many more mistakes. Should I be correcting them? I feel like if I say “look at number 8 again” that signals to him that there’s a problem. Isn’t that like cheating?

Mathy Mama

Dear Mathy,

You know I’m pretty sure that when we were kids this is one problem that our parents didn’t have. At least mine didn’t. Because if they ever looked at my attempts at math homework, they rolled their eyes and got me to a tutor, STAT.

Yes, in my day, we did our homework up the hill in the snow backwards and our parents stayed out of it. Because they had other things to do and “you’re a bit of a math moron, aren’t you, Marinka?” Sorry. Flashbacks.

But things are different today. We want our kids to succeed and for some reason that often means that we don’t want them to make mistakes. Even relatively harmless ones on their homework that don’t have life-altering consequences.

It’s not cheating so much as not allowing him to turn in his own work. Wait, what’s cheating again?

Ask yourself why you are checking your son’s homework. If it’s to make sure it’s getting done, that’s one thing. But if it’s to catch any errors before he hands in his work then I don’t think what you are doing is helpful. Because making mistakes is part of learning. And seeing those mistakes on the homework is one of the ways that the teacher knows your son isn’t understanding a concept. Or that he’s making a careless mistake. In either event, the teacher needs to know.



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