Google’s Underwater Street View Video

Google has launched Underwater View.

To wet the appetite of street viewers, Google Maps will offer street view of some of the most popular diving sites in the world. Islands in Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii and the Philippines that feature some interesting view of life underwater now have street view shots. The images were made by the The Catlin Seaview Survey which provided really impressive shots of underwater life.

The interaction of Google Maps with street view underwater is practically the same. You can zoom in to the pictures and navigate through the arrows if you want to move around and take a good look at the Ocean. If you zoom out, you will see the island and the dots where you could place the pointer for a closer look at the ocean. Since it’s still in its early stage, expect that the island will only have a few dots which mean you will not have a complete underwater view surrounding the island. But still, the shots are pretty impressive and it makes you feel like you’re standing in the middle of the ocean underwater.

Google Maps’ street view is one of the most ambitious projects of Google. Instead of simply providing maps and navigation assistance online, the street view allows users to have an actual look of the street. Simply drag the pointer to the street for a closer look at the structures that surround the selected area.


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