French Muhammed Cartoon -‘Want to Laugh at Extremists’!?

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In May of 2006, Harper’s magazine finally got around to reprinting the original 12 Mohammed cartoons, along with an article by Art Spiegelman — who also created this updated portrait of Mohammed (in the center) based on one of the 12 cartoons, surrounded by racist stereotypes — somehow implying that the depiction of Mohammed is a racial issue, not a religious and free speech issue. Several blogs gave extensive coverage to the story, including Michelle Malkin and Nordish, among others.

A French Magazine has published a Cartoon of Prophet Muhammad amidst the explosive situation that arose over the Film ‘Innocence of Muslims,which described The Prophet as

‘Mad,Womanizer and a Cheat’


The echoes have been found through out the Islamic World from Egypt,Libya,Sudan,Indonesia  to Australia.


Now ,this!


Irony is that France says it will not allow Muslim demonstrations against either the Film or the Cartoon!


The author of this Tweet says


They were published just a day after hundreds of Muslims took to Twitter to satirize the U.S. magazine Newsweek’s cover story on “Muslim Rage.”

Muslims posted tongue-in-cheek tweets about what enrages them, such as having a really good hair day but no one knowing because you wear a hijab.

Hend Amry, who posted that tweet as @LibyaLiberty, said Charlie Hebdo‘s latest cartoons were a cynical attempt to inflate sales.

Opinion: Media don’t get #MuslimRage

She compared it to the French magazine that printed topless photos of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge last week.

“Like printing tawdry pics of (Catherine) Middleton — lowbrow rating booster,” she said.

“If we’re going to chart it on the Muslim insult-o-meter, it is less inflammatory than the ‘film,’ but does continue the East/West divide we see,” she told CNN.

Charlie Hebdo journalist Laurent Leger said the magazine has shown Muslim men and Muslim extremists in the past, but does not explicitly state that the cartoons are depictions of the Prophet Mohammed.

Rather, he said, the cartoons are open to interpretation.

“The aim is to laugh. We want to laugh at the extremists — every extremist. They can be Muslim, Jewish, Catholic. Everyone can be religious, but extremist thoughts and acts we cannot accept,” Leger said.’


Yes, you want to laugh at the extremists, would you cry with those who lose their sons,daughters, mothers and Spouses?


The comparison with Kate’s Topless pictures is disgusting.



France in fear of retaliation is closing Embassies around the World.



‘France announced Wednesday it will close 20 embassies across the Muslim world on Friday after French weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed naked, amid growing unrest over an anti-Islamic film that has left dozens dead.



Look at the Archives on Muhammad Cartoons Online, Muslims have a genuine reason for being insulted


Cartoon On Muhammad
Slate cartoonist Jack Higgins drew this cartoon of Mohammed responding violently to the Pope’s suggestion that Islam is violent — with a riff on the old aphorism, “If Mohammed can not go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Mohammed.”



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