Prophet ‘Fraud,Womaniser’ YouTube-Condemnable.

It regrettable that, under the guise of Creativity people resort to insulting the Religions of the World..

Let’s for argument’s sake agree that The Prophet was as claimed in the Video, in what way does it affect his Good teachings?

( I  have some reservations about some of the paragraphs in the Koran, where it is explicit on exterminating the ‘kafirs’, ‘the non believers’.Some of the instances seem to be simply legends)

But this does not give any one the  right to insult a Man (hope some one does not start attacking for calling as ‘Man’), knowing well that this information shall spark riots.

And what does this ‘expose; will do?

People are going to abandon Islam because of this film?

I can hear the so-called Liberals and the Creators arguing that the Truth must be told and it is worth intrinsically.

Look at the response of the producer and the man who dubbed it an Arabic.

Can they honestly declare it is only the Truth they are after?

Consider the timing of the Video clippings.


Why not an in-depth Study the Relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, his Ascension and the compilation of The Bible?

There was an uproar when the Da Vinci code was released for hinting that Jesus had married  Mary Magdalene and that they ahd an offspring.

Religion is a matter of faith.

Leave people be to their own views.

By trying to seek proof that Islam encourages Extremism and terrorism from The Koran is never going to stop terrorists or the believers.

The best one could do is to present facts without annotation.


A 14-minute trailer of the movie that sparked the protests, posted on the website YouTube in an original English version and another dubbed into Egyptian Arabic, depicts Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a madman in an overtly ridiculing way, showing him having sex and calling for massacres.

A YouTube spokesman said the website would not take down the video at this point. The spokesman said the website’s policy is to remove videos that include a threat of violence, but not those only expressing opinions.

“We take great care when we enforce our policies and try to allow as much content as possible while ensuring that our Community Guidelines are followed,” the YouTube representative said. “Flagged content that does not violate our Guidelines will remain on the site.”

Sam Bacile, an American citizen who said he produced, directed and wrote the two-hour film, said he had not anticipated such a furious reaction.

“I feel sorry for the embassy. I am mad,” Bacile said.

Speaking from a telephone with a California number, Bacilesaid he is Jewish and familiar with the region. Bacile said the film was produced in English and he doesn’t know who dubbed it in Arabic. The full film has not been shown yet, he said, and he said he has declined distribution offers for now.

“My plan is to make a series of 200 hours” about the same subject, he said.

Morris Sadek, an Egyptian-born Christian in the U.S. known for his anti-Islam views, told The Associated Press from Washington that he was promoting the video on his website and on certain TV stations, which he did not identify.


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