‘Deivathin Kural,’Kanchi Periyavar Now On Line.

If one were to understand whether the fundamentals of Philosophy,Religion,Hinduism,Samskaras,Puranas  the interpretation of the Vedic knowledge in the light of Modern Science’ one need not look elsewhere and every where.

A look a the ‘Deivathin Kura’- a collection of Kanchi Sankaracharya,Maha Periyavar’s speeches,interactions with him by various people , compiled by Bharanidharan in Tamil will suffice.

Deivathin Kural-287 × 400 Type:0KB JPG
Deivathin Kural

This Book is not available on-line in Google Books as well.

Now this is On Line in pdf format.

However , some Sanskrit slokas may not be visible.

Click the Link for view/download.




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