‘Evolution’ Darwin Theory Proof-Partially Right.HD Video

Darwin’s Theory on the Evolution of Species is questionable.


1.All known Species have not been verified and this is technically incorrect.This is not the mistake of Darwin alone.

It is the failing of Science as well, taking a ‘inductive Leap’

2.If nature is attempting to perfect,considering the age of nature,nature seems to be inefficient as we are yet to see a perfect Species.

3.If we extend the Logic, what happens once the ‘perfection is reached?

4.Yes, Christianity is incorrect for th reasons specified in the article.

5.Indian Philosophy has a different approach.Perfection has different grades/levels.Once a level is reached another Species evolves.

6.As to the issue of nature being teleological,Perfection need not be Ideal-it is our conception.


Inspired by the book by Richard Dawkins, I took his reading from a passage of his book as the basis for this experimental short film. During the formation of the theory of ‘evolution’, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace had noticed that the supposed perfection of nature as represented by the Christian ideal was in fact inaccurate. Species of animals and plants had not been created to fulfil a specific role, they did not live in harmony as if in an idealistic garden. Instead, all life was locked in a furious battle to complete for limited resources in harsh environments, and this competition gave opportunity for mutation to form adaptation and change. Richard’s book helps explain just how far the science and specifically our understanding of evolutionary biology has come in the 153 years since the publication of Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’. For this film, I shot footage from an idealistic garden with the words highlighting the deeper nature of the biology.



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