Ganguly On Laxman,What Are You Trying to Say?

V.V.S Laxman
V.V.S Laxman (Photo credit: kalyan02)

Now VVS Laxman has retired and tongues have started wagging.

Former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly observed

“”Srikkanth has a big problem in communicating. A player like Laxman would not train so hard just to keep himself fit for two Tests. If they (selectors) conveyed their opinion to Laxman earlier, this situation would not have surfaced. Why they stretched till August? Probably, the selectors’ judgement has hurt him (Laxman) the most,” Ganguly said.

Ganguly also felt that Srikkanth’s selection policy would be detrimental to Indian cricket‘s progress.

“They don’t select a team taking the future of Indian cricket into account. They merely do a balancing act by means of removing and adding somebody. Indian cricket will not progress this way,” he had stated. ”

What did Srikkanth not communicate?

His job as a Selection Chief is to pick the squad along with the other Selectors.

This he has done.

Is one to be selected because he is at the nets and training for the whole season?

On rethink, Ganguly might be laughing at this statement.

As a Captain, has he followed this pearl of Wisdom?

If at the nets be the criterion, then all those called to the nets should be chosen for the  season.

The other point made by Ganguly is that the selectors have hurt VVS by extending his career till August!

By extending till the end of the season, would they have not hurt Laxman after the season?

Ridiculous argument.

Again, yes, Selection is addition and removal.

If not hat else?

To the impartial VVS , though was a great Player, is definitely over the hill.

Reflexes have become slower,though they were not great to begin with.(except while batting)

One has to search for a position to hide him in the field.

I belong to the minority who think that, despite his Calcutta knock against Aussies and some more knocks,notably against Australia again,he belongs to those group of Players who play a great innings once in a while and would like to ensure his place in the Team for years to come.

VVS Laxman could not have retired in any other manner than this way.

All can not be Gavaskars.!(in Retiring)

Ganguly says that Laxman is a great team man and he had a problem in contacting MS Dhoni.

Making this claim does not indicate of being a Team Man.

What do you want Ganguly from MSD?

Hold Laxman’s hands?



Author: ramanan50

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4 thoughts on “Ganguly On Laxman,What Are You Trying to Say?”

  1. It is always true that anybody can pass on
    Comments . But one must be little careful
    While commenting on selfless very modest cricketer like rahul dravid. He retired with dignity when he failed in Australia even though the whole Indian team failed miserably. This he did inspite of being the highest scorer in previous England tour ( 461 runs with 3 centuries).


    1. Despite the figures quoted, it is equally true that Rahul Dravid seemed to be playing from memory couple of seasons back when one found his stumps used to be knocked silly and he would leave stupefied.
      Yes, like Tendulkar, Dravid is a genius in his own right.
      But one can not fight Anno Domini.
      Giving up against time bowing to age is no insult.
      What is terrible is the feeling you get when you get thrown out unceremoniously from the game which you had served with distinction.
      That is what I meant by the comment,t Praad.


  2. I was surprised by Kapil Dev’s statement. He himself hung on huffing & puffing for nearly two years to better Richard Hadley’s record.Finally— he exited or else he would have collapsed on the field !!

    Javagal Srinath had to wait for KD to finally hang his worn out boots !


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