New Words Find Way into Oxford Dictionary

Languages normally maintain their identity by sticking to their roots.

But English is different.

To me it seems that it is the only Language that has borrowed from every conceivable language and yet remains the most popular despite language zealots of other languages.

It is so flexible people are able to bend it to their whims!

Not that it does not have its Literature.

One wonders at looking at English as to how it remains the common language  despite its lack of originality!


Walking around in your leopard-print onesie while proudly sporting guylinermay lead to some guffaws and eye-rolling among family and friends, butwhatevs! You know you’re totes on trend.

The above sentence contains just some of the new words and terms added toOxford Dictionaries Online in our latest update which covers a whole range of topics, from the environment (green technologyeco-drivingwater footprint) to sport (scudettoBundesliga) and even British science-fiction television programmes (Whovian). Whether you’re an infomaniac or a just a good old word lover, we’re sure you’ll find something to interest you.”

Below is a selection of our favourite terms from the latest update: click on the links to be taken to the dictionary entries.

abandonware enabler onesie
alpha geek eye-rolling panko
aptonym geodata po-po
aquaponics geoinformation purple state
autostereoscopic green technology race walking
bandage dress guyliner ransomware
boomburb illiterati Robin Hood tax
CMS infomania scudetto
dater K-pop tiger mother
death slide mahalo totes
droolworthy minimoon virality
eco-driving moany whatevs
e-dating obvs Whovian


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