Quantum,Tantric Practices,Pentagram and Satan Worship Videos

English: A diagram showing where quantum gravi...
English: A diagram showing where quantum gravity sits in the hierarchy of physics theories. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Advanced Theory of Quantum Gravity Model bears striking resemblances to Occultism,Tantric Practices and even Satan Worship practices

Pentagram forms essential part in all these practices; so does it in Quantum.

Please watch the videos and for reference on Tantric practices look up ‘Shakti and Shakta’ by Sir .John Woodroffe.

As to logical sequencing the Saptha bhangi Naya of the Jainism is the best.

This methodology bears a striking resemblance to Quantum Logic.

Seven modes of postulation are possible.

They are.

1.It is.

2.It is not.

3.It is indescribable.

4.It is and it is not.

5.It is not and indescribable.

6.It is and it is indescribable.

7.It is and it is not and it is indescribable.

No more postulation are possible.

Compare this with Quantum

all quantum equations are based on 5 outcomes.

1. All A
2. All B
3. Equally A & B
4. Combination of A & B, either mostly A or mostly B
5. Neither A nor B

So, pentagons/pentagrams come as no surprise”


Causal Dynamical Triangulations, (or CDT) causes physical systems to emerge from non-physical spin-foam dimension, via the 2 dimensional projections of 4-dimensional pentachorons.

Do you know what a 2-d projection of a pentachoron is? An inverted pentagram!

Watch 4:28-5:00 for the “program-conjuring” part:




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