‘Jayendrar Eloped with a Woman’ Madurai Adheenam, To sidetrack?

Madurai Adheenam, a Joker who calls himself thus, flanked by sex tainted Nityananda, announced in a press Conference to-day that Jayendra Saraswati eloped with a woman in 1987 and the Madurai Adheenam got in touch with him at Thala Cauvery and the Sankara Mutt at Kanchipuram and he was responsible for making Jayendra Saraswati‘s  return to Kanchipuram.

Dawn in Madurai city
Dawn in Madurai city (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As one who had a ring side view of the events at Bangalore  I can categorically say that no woman was involved in the  1987 episode.

Please read my blog ‘Kamakshi Gold.Jayendra Saraswati misappropriated”

If at all any one was responsible for the return of Jayendrar to Kanchipuram it was the Tiruchi Swamigal of Kengeri,Bangalore.

The tactic of Madurai Adheenam has to be understood by the fact that the Nityananda issue is slowly becoming a Religious cum casteist movement.

Apart from the 17 Adheenams of the Saiva Mutts in Tamil Nadu , Kanchi Mutt has opposed the appointment of Nityananda, the Vellala Community is incensed that they hay have been overlooked for the Post of the Adheenam,the Madurai Adheenam Retrieval Committee is breathing down the Adheenam’s neck, a case is already filed in the Court, now the heirs of the Bhaskara Sethpathy, who donated huge tracts of land to Madurai Adheenam have disclosed that they will be moving the Court to reclaim the Donations made out to the Adheenam on the ground that the property donated is being misused and that they have donated it to the Adheenam on the basis of its flawless character and its Religious activities.

It may be noted that the Sethupathys belong to the Thevar Community.

Madurai Adheenams attempt to sully the name of Jayendrar is a ploy to pit Brahmins against Jayendrar and the other communities against  he Brahmins and side tack the issue from th Nityananda affair.

Kanchi Mutt should file a case against this joker.

It is worth noting that the Government pleader announced in the Court that as on date the Government has no intention of interfering in the Adheenam’s Affairs.

It will, if it receives a complaint on the Adheenam’s Character, propriety or mismanagement of Funds, a sure indication that the Government is thinking on these lines.

One has o look at the smirk and the roaring laughter at the Press meet by Nityananda.

How we have degraded our Religion!

Source: Sun News 17/5/202.


3 thoughts on “‘Jayendrar Eloped with a Woman’ Madurai Adheenam, To sidetrack?

  1. “As one who had a ring side view of the events at Bangalore I can categorically say that no woman was involved in the 1987 episode”

    At that time the rumours going round were like:

    1)Jayendrar left behind the dandam in the Mutt
    2)Jayendrar even discarded the saffron robe and wore white dress
    3)Jayendrar took lots of money from the mutt
    4)Jayendrar was also accompanied by a lady

    As one who was close to the happenings, what do you recollect on these , Sir?

    At Kanchipuram I remember how Sri Mahaperiyava announced that Sri Vijayendra Saraswati will henceforth be the Kanchi Mutt Head . These things were reversed when Jayendra returned to the Mutt


    1. None of this are true excepting the fact that here are/are allegations of misappropriation/diversion of Mutt Funds and there are also controversies on his handling of Gold collected for Kamakshi temple(read my post on this)
      However his activities were not in tune with the Sampardaaa of the Mutt including his comments on women who visit the Mutt.
      I had posted on this.
      So much so the Mah Periyava appointed Vijayendra(who is no better incidentally) and this has aggravated the situation..
      Jayendrar wanted full control of the Mutt which the Maha Periyava was not prepared to hand over.


  2. Very nice of you to have equated Lord Krishna with Nityananda.
    Nityananda is a Great Soul.
    He does not entertain women in his bed room.
    He had not made sexual advances towards men and women in his Ashram.
    He does not threaten people.
    He is not fond of Money.
    He detests Gold.
    He does not collect money for his lectures.
    He does not plagiarise from Hindu texts and claim them as his own.
    He does not have ccTvs installed at his bed room or the ashram.
    He did not declare in his affidavit in the Court that he is not a Man and he can not perform.
    He knows the Saiva Thirumarais in and out.
    He is a Mudaliar and Vellalar at the same time.
    Thirugnana Sambandar appeared in his dream and blessed him.
    Long Live his ilk and his disciples.


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