Background of Arunagiri ,Madurai Adheenam

The gentleman, who calls himself as the Madurai Adhhenam,who crowned sex tainted Nityananda as his successor to  Madurai Adheenam, was known as Arunagiri, before he became the Madurai Adheenam.

He was closely associated with DK and DMK who are self-styled Atheists, whose main pastime is to insult Hinduism.

He was participating in the meetings of DK and DMK, when he was Arunagiri

When there was a rift between Karunanidhi and Veeramani-temporary, of course,these two make up depending on who gain  mileage out of whom this Arunagiri used to offer his services as a mediator and has participated in DK meetings as well.

When both of them threw him out, he was with Natarakan, husband of Sasikala, a one time confidante of Tamil Nadu CM,Jayalalithaa.

When Jayalaithaa threw Natarajan out, Arunagiri started praising Jayalalithaa.

He was a known member of the DMK.

( it is a different matter he praises Jayalaithaa,at the time of appointing Nityananda as his successor,no- sequitar )

He first came to limelight when he started driving about in a car fitted with Siren, which is prohibited.

The reason he gave out was that he the Head of an Adheenam and therefore was beyond the Law.

Even now he has submitted in court that he will not be able to attend the Court in connection with a case filed on his appointing Nityananda as the Madurai Adheenam head  stating that Adheenams were exempted from person appearance in the Court.

This was nailed by Dharmapuram Adheenam who said that when they they were asked to appear in court they did so and there is no reason for Adheenams refusing to  obey the Court.

In the next instance he brandished a revolver in Public and a case was filed and he was subsequently let off with a warning.

When the DMK built their party Head Quarters ‘Arivalayam’ in Chennai, he donated all the Gold rings he wore to the fund.

He also appointed his distant relative as his successor some time earlier and revoked it.

The boy who was appointed lodged a sexual advances case against him.

He is reported to have bought a house for one Vaishnavi, who doubles as the PRO of the Adheenam and Accountant.

When the IT people raided him he was in jitters and pleaded that the mony of one crore promised by Nityananda did not reach him.

This is the background the man who appoints an Adheenam.

My query is ,on what qualifications has he been appointed?

Because he was hobnobbing with Atheists like DMK?

Or his known views of supporting LTTE and Prabakaran?

Or is it because he denigrated Sanskrit and the Brahmin Community in Public?

He must remember that he is in his seat established by a Brahmin, Tirugnana Sambandar.

Caste has never been in the minds of Saints nor politics.

The first head of Adheenam was Mangayarkarasi, who was the sister of the Pandyan King Nedumaran.

Mangayarkkarasi’s husband Kulachcheriyaar was Nedumaran‘s Ministere ans close friend known for his valour and Nedumaran was a close friend of the Great Raja Raja Chola, who built the Tanjore Big Temple.

Thirugnana Sambandar, at the instance of Thirunavukkarasar, a great Saint, cured the incurable stomach pain of Nedumaran, induced by the Jain Monks.

Such an illustrious post is being occupied by Aruanagiris and Nityanandas!


After income tax officials raided the premises of Madurai Aadheenam on Saturday,  sources said that some documents have been seized for investigation. It was not known immediately whether any unaccounted cash was seized. Arunagirinatha Desigar was present during the search, officials of the mutt said. The mutt staff cooperated with the search team, they claimed. Officials of the mutt alleged that the raid was conducted to thwart the scheduled visit of Arunagirinatha Desigar to Tiruvannamalai to participate in the Pattabishekam of Nithyananda scheduled for Saturday evening.

They also alleged that the search was conducted at the behest of a Union minister. They said they expected such raids in Madurai Aadheenam after Nithyananda was anointed as the junior pontiff.

They recalled that such raids were conducted in the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam in Bidadi, Karnataka. Arunagirinathar, the 292rd pontiff, left for Tiruvannamalai in the afternoon, after the search, to participate in the Pattabishekam.

The Madurai Mutt which has a history of 2,000 years was revived to glory by Tirugnana Sambandar, one of the four Saivite savants. There are several temples under its control including the famous Kanjanur temple in Thanjavur district.

Inputs ack. Junior Vikatan 13/5/2012.

One thought on “Background of Arunagiri ,Madurai Adheenam

  1. Sorry make some of the corrections in your blog olease make note of it sir
    mangayarkarasi was the Queen of Madurai and Wife of “Nindra Seer Nedumaran” Pandya King,and kulacheraiyar an close friend of Pandya King nedumaran .Kulacherayar was also the Prime Minister of Pandya Kingdom…
    And they Belongs to 7th century……
    Raja Raja Chola is not born at that period…..
    that time is the black era of Cholas whereas Pallavas capture the cholas place where Mamalla Pallavan Who Built Mamallapuram temple was Nedumaran’s relative…
    that is Mamallan’s wife and nedumaran belongs to pandya kingdom they were brother and sister…
    whereas “Mangayarkarasi” belongs to Chola Kingdom…..
    Please Rectify Those Errors……


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