Nithyananada Threatens 17 Adheenams

Moleskine-Nithyananda (Photo credit: Duncan Creamer)

While the controversy over the appointment of Nithyananda s Madurai Adheenam refuses to die down, the affair has sparked off a clash between the Madurai Adheenam and the other seventeen Adheenams of Saiva Sect , which date back to 7 th Century AD.

The Adhenams are up against the appointment of Nithyannada as the successor to the present Adheenam Arunagiri includes the The Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam,Thiruppnananthal and Dharmapuram Adheenams.

The heads of all the 17 Adheenams met recently at Dharmapuram Adheenam premises near Myladuthurai,Tamil Nadu.

Thirteen Adheenams participated in the meet.

A Resolution asking the Madurai Adheenam to revoke the appointment of Nithyananda was passed and the Madurai Adheenam was given a ten days deadline.

The resolution also warned that the Adheenams shall take the issue to Court and to the Government of Tamil Nadu at the end of this period.

There was  argument over a clause in the Resolution which envisaged ‘t0 request and appoint Dhramapuram and Thiruvavaduthrai Adheenams as the successor to the present Madurai Adheenam if the Madurai Adhennam fails to appoint an heir according to the custom followed”.

This clause was dropped on the objection of Kunrakkaudi Ponnambala Adigalar.

The Adheenams’ view is that the Madurai Adheenam has violated the Sanctity of the Saiva Sect by appointing a man tainted by Sex Scacndal and Jailed. and not following the custom of the Madurai Adheenam of appointing the successor from the  Saiva Vellalar sect.

Nithyananda belongs to Mudaliar caste.

(It is another matter that Nithyananda claims he is a Mudaliar and also a Vellalar and he produced in person some people purporting them to be his Uncles!)

Nithyananda threatened the 17 Adheenams by declaring that his followers will go on indefinite fast(not-‘he does not  say he will go on fast) in front of the Tiruppanathal Mutt:he also said that he will file cases against them for Criminal Conspiracy!

He further had the audacity to declare that if Hindu Organisations raise this issue he will not be responsible for the actions for actions for the reactions of his disciples.

It is such a shame that one who has been jailed for sexual case can threaten a Civilised Society!

Inputs: Kumudam Reporter 10 May 2012.

PS.Curious that the Madurai Adheenam appoints only Kaar Kaaththa Vellalar as the Head of the Mutt.

If caste has to be followed Gnanasambandar, who started the Mutt, was a Brahmin.

He had appointed some one who was qualified and not because of caste.

Who started this mess?

Will some one enlighten me?

6 thoughts on “Nithyananada Threatens 17 Adheenams

  1. Saiva vellalars are the people running the entire bureacratic setup during sangam era… not sure where he got this non sence of gnana sambandhar being a brahmin…ha ha…


    1. Tirugnana Sambandar was not born in the Sangam Era.
      Yes,Vellalars were in the bureaucratic set up.
      They were in charge of managing Water Management-vellaththai Aalpavar-Vellalar.
      Sambandar was a Brahmin
      “Sambandar was born to Sivapada Hrudiyar and his wife Bhagavathiar who lived in Sirkazhi in what is now Tamil Nadu. They were Saivite brahmins. Sankaracharya who lived in the subsequent century has referred to him in one hymn of his Saundarya Lahari, praising him as a gifted Tamil child (“dravida sisu”) who was fed with milk of divine gnosis by the goddess Parvati”


  2. “If caste has to be followed Gnanasambandar, who started the Mutt, was a Brahmin.
    He had appointed some one who was qualified and not because of caste.
    Who started this mess?
    Will some one enlighten me? ”

    Dear Sir…..

    Let me try to clarify this !

    Madurai Aadhinam was well functioning many years before the birth of Shri Thirngnana Sambathar. But after some period, that Aathinam was unable to function due to the acvities of Samanars and by the no support from the King’s who supported ‘Samanars’ and followed their religion. At that time, Shri Thirungana Samanthar visitated Madurai and do so many goods things…as mentioned in your writtings. Shri Sambanthar renovoted the Mathurai Aadhinam and made it to function again with same hollyness it had before. He never become the head of this aadhinam ! (unlike Nithayanadha who become head of that Aadhinam because of he paid some crores to that Aadhinam)


    1. You may be right.
      But I am unable to find references to support your views.
      Researches and books on Bhakthi movement in the South started in the 7th Century.
      Prior to that there seems to have been no mutts.
      This informtion is is reflected in Tamil History and Literature.
      Kalki,in Ponniyin Selvan, refers to this quoting references that Mangayarkarasi became the head of the Madurai Mutt,established by Gnana Sambandar after her marriage.
      Will you please send me the link/reference?
      Yes,Gnana Sambandar did not head the Mutt.


  3. Bledy eadiat, who r u pass comment on my master. first you should fully enquire about him and come for some decision. Without knowing him, hearing from some useless media news and abuse him. Sorry its upto you


  4. foolish argument gooes on there is no end to this foolishness.

    how much ever u hit u r head on the wall, nothing is going to happen u may have some fun enjoying ur psychodrama. thats all can result from this post.


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