Why Madurai Adheenam appointed Nithyananda

Nithynanda Being Crowned by Maduraii Adheenam
Nithynanda Being Crowned by Maduraii Adheenam

The shocking appointment of Nithyananda as The Adheenam Chief has its reasons.

Sources disclose  the following story.

Niyananda afer his sexcapades and incarceration has been denied legitimacy and the Mutt Heads Karnataka where he has his base were not prepared to touch him even with a barge pole.

Nithyananda needed legitimacy to continue running his Ashram(?)

He was is flushed with money.

Madurai Adheenam , though has immovable assets has run into severe financial  difficulties.

He was quite familiar with Nithyayananda and the two had travelled abroad together many a time.

Nithyananda needed legitimacy and Madurai Adheenam, money.

Nithyananda seems to have sent an emissary, a business person from Bangalore, who has been cured by(?) by Nithyananda of his illness and this man had brought Madurai Adheenam some time back and The Madurai Adheenam spent nearly about  a month at Bangalore.

The deal was struck.

On April 29th at Bangalore, Nityananda was adorned with a Golden Crown and presented with a Golden Mace by the Madurai Adheenam.

In return, Nithyananda presented the Adheenam with a Golden Chair and a Golden mace.

He also presented a Cheque for Rupees one crore, which was increased to ten crore a couple of days later.

On the Appointment of Nityananda s Madurai Adheenam Chief, Madhurai adheenam Chief stated.

“I was Directed by Lord Siva  in my dream,to appoint Nithyananda as my successor.

He is a man of unimpeachable character.

He has the drive and energy to run the mutt.

He has a lot of resources.

He can cure people.

Hereafter he is to be addressed as per the Adheenam’s practice.

All the devotees can get cured of their illness by going to him”

In the same statement, with absolutely no reference he stated that Tamil Nadu CM, Jayalalithaa is running an excellent administration his blessing s are there for her!

On April 29 at Bidadi, Karnataka,Madurai Adheenam and Nithyananda danced with the disciples to the songs of Film songs and Madurai Adheenam declared

” Everybody is happy when the are with Nithyananda. he is the best to be anointed as the Pontiff of   Madurai Adheenam.

You will laugh aloud or feel very angry, upset.

Depends on how you look at this.

Related Story For your enjoyment.

The 292nd pontiff of Madurai Aadheenam, Sri Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desikar, filed an affidavit in the Madras High Court Bench here on Thursday refuting allegations that he was under the illegal custody of Nithyananda of Bidadi in Karnataka.

Filing the affidavit in reply to a habeas corpus petition filed by T. Gurusamy Desikar (80), manager of Dharmapuram Mutt here, the pontiff stated that the case had been filed with “imaginary information without verifying essential facts and actual truth.”

The affidavit, filed through his counsel Veera Kathiravan, stated that the petitioner had no locus standi to file such a case and that it was a clear abuse of process of law. It also accused the habeas corpus petitioner of filing the case with the intention of gaining publicity.

“I have been meeting the devotees every day at my Madurai Aadheenam. I also met all the general public and press people and gave a public statement on May 2 in Madurai in order to clear all unwarranted rumours… But the conduct of the petitioner is insulting, scandalous and motivated by malice.

“The petitioner herein is not known to me and he has filed this petition only with the intention of belittling me and the image of my Madurai Aadheenam in the eyes of the public.

I am fully eligible, empowered and competent to manage, administer and appoint my successor for Madurai Aadheenam.”

The pontiff also stated that he had no plans to go abroad as claimed by the petitioner. “The imputations made by the petitioner have brought disgrace and humiliation to the entire Madurai Aadheenam and its devotees. I reserve my right to proceed against the petitioner as per the provisions of both the civil and criminal law,” he added.

A Division Bench comprising Justice M. Sathyanarayanan and Justice D. Hariparanthaman adjourned the hearing to Friday and ordered the High Court Registry to post the case along with a public interest litigation petition filed by M. Solaikannan of Hindu People’s Party.”


You can read about Nithyananda filed under Videos .

Pontiff of the millennium-old Madurai Adheenam, Arunagirinatha Desikar has defended the nomination of Nithyananda as the 293rd pontiff of the ancient mutt in Madurai, stating that it was a well thought out decision for the welfare and growth of the mutt.

“The charges against Nithyananda are false and those levelling allegations against him are ignorant,” said the pontiff at a press conference here on Sunday even as an angry group of activists from Hindu outfits staged a protest outside the mutt against Nithyananda. Desikar also brushed aside protests against the nomination of Nithyananda as the successor stating that neither the government nor Hindu outfits could interfere in the appointment of a successor.

“I was looking out for a successor for the Adheenam for the past eight years. In this backdrop I visited the Nithyananda Dhyanapeedam in Bidadi near Bangalore. The moment I saw Nithyananda, a divine voice told me that Nithyananda was the right person. I spoke to Nithyananda in this regard. He hesitated due to the allegations levelled against him. But I convinced him as the Adheenam needs an individual with spiritual and administrative skills as well as a fighting spirit,” Desikar told reporters.


With Additional inputs from Junior Vikatan.

39 thoughts on “Why Madurai Adheenam appointed Nithyananda

  1. With respect to the links posted by the pro-Nithy:-

    1) That is from a Nithy site. What can be expected? One poster claimed that an independent newspaper printed this and when Mr. Ramanan asked for proof, Nithy’s propaganda comes out as the single source.

    2) Which tapes were given to the US labs?

    3) As I said before, why not challenge the Indian labs in the court with this evidence? You won’t as the experts will get involved and the source of the tapes and Nithy’s deceit will be clear.

    4) If the video was morphed, who are the characters in the video? If Nithy spent his resources and even used US labs., how difficult it is to find out who is on the tape? How was it done? There were 2 actors matching Nithyananda and Ranjitha (faces, eyes, legs, bodies, expressions, etc) to the hilt and even enacted the scenes perfectly. There has not been a single Hollywood movie which was produced with substitute actors who were able to even come close to the original by a mile.

    5) If the video was morphed to such perfection, why are Bollywood and Hollywood not interested? They can save tons of money by having some base characters and making them enact scenes. The guy instead of using his technology on Nithy could have made tons of money by working for Hollywood/Bollywood. Why waste on a scoundrel who anyway was falling apart from his own lies? Why not use it on even more prominent leaders like Sri Sri, Satya Sai Baba instead of the hardly known (but rising decently) Nithy?

    6) Here is the rebuttal from a known Indian forensic expert, Dr Chandrasekaran on the US claims (http://standupfordharma.blogspot.com/2012/04/expert-opinion-on-nithyananda-scandal.html, http://blog.forensicinternational.org/?p=25, http://standupfordharma.blogspot.com/2012/03/nithyananda-video-authentic.html (the youtube video was probably brought down because the Nithy folks are good in attacking people opposed to them)).


    1. Hanish Rai

      { Do you know the difference between fame and notoriety? The latter is what Nithyananda brought to the Madurai Adeenam. Well, the 292nd pontiff is equally guilty. Obviously now it is clear that he too is not fit for the position. Now either the Mutt will be taken over by other saivite mutt or by the Government. A wonderful tradition and glory of the Adeenam brought to dust in a single shot by the 292nd pontiff and the fraud Nithyananda.}

      Hanish Rai u have Asked (Do you know the difference between fame and notoriety? The latter is what Nithyananda brought to the Madurai Adeenam).

      From Rajan,

      This is not True As u R Not able to See the Whole Picture, u r seeing Only What u Want To See. now temporarily it seems like this. He is Very much Devouted to Meenakshi And Sundareswarar And JnanaSambandar. Even In Bidadi in His Temple Shiva And Parvathi is Meenakshi And Sundareswara.

      How Much ever u Critisize Paramahamsa Nithyananda it is only, a Dog Barking at the Elephant,it is never Going To Affect Him,and u r just a dust in front of his Ability and Divine Powers, now also he is not even Affected a little bit by the scandal or cases or any other thing, He is a True Sage And Avatar , Because We r seeing Him Personally Every day How Courageous And How Unaffected he is by Anything, even we are Astonished and Inspired by Seeing him, how a man can be like Him, we Know he is not a human Being But an Avatar, God By Our Own Experience.

      but what ever u r saying is not u r own experience,But What ever u are Arguing for is Believing the media to be right, it is for the perverted Idea of Mass Unconcious Media.


  2. Mr. Ramanan,

    I follow 2 blogs which have articles that are not favourable to Nithyananda. You can look at them and make your own judgement.

    http://nithyananda-cult.blogspot.com/ and http://standupfordharma.blogspot.com.

    I used to be a staunch devotee of Nithyananda for 4 years. I have sacrificed my (and my family’s) years and money to this organization. I have seen the deceit upfront. Though my views are not favourable, you can make your conclusions on my statements. The amount of stuff Nithyananda has spoken(it is all on the net), it is not tough to see his lies.

    I can fill up your entire blog but I do not want to clutter your space and would like your blog be yours. I will only give some pointers and you can verify from the net or from Nithy’s current or ex-devotees and form your conclusions.

    1) Here is his NDA(http://www.nithyananda-fraud.com/docs/evidence-Swami-Nithyananda-sex-contract-with-victims.pdf), a fact never denied by Bidadi. Here is their response (http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/swami-nithyananda-what-we-have-here-is-a-complaint-cloaked-in-secrecy/1/122814.html…Question 3).

    2) His wanderings are open lies which you can easily find.

    3) He has plagiarized Osho a lot. If you have read Osho, it is so easy to see the similarities. (ex: Gurudjieff, Kirlian photography etc..are all Osho specific..How would a wandering monk (Nithy claimed that he wandered for 9 years) hear about these Western specific stuff in the Himalayas?). Also, one example, (his incident about a political person seeking advice in his Pearls of Wisdom CDs matches to the dot Osho’s example in the Vignyana Bhairava Tantra book (around page 50)). It is stark.

    4) He claimed that it was He in a previous avatar (around 1000 years ago) who planted the Banyan trees in Bidadi, TN and Hyderabad. That was the basis for the claim for the Ashram. Tactically, it is landgrabbing. They claimed in one session that they had sent the extracts of the trees to the labs and were awaiting results. More con stuff..Well, they found the villager who planted the tree in Bidadi.

    5) He has a multiple polar disorder. (He was in Ramakrishna mission when he claimed he was wandering). He wears clothes similar to Swami Vivekananda and his fantasy of wandering for 9 years were picked from Swami Vivekananda. He wants to hug like Amma. He pretends to go into trances (like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa would go seamlessly into trances). His books are Osho in a new binding. And so on…

    6) He charges $6500 for a 21 day course (Inner awakening). This is Bliss for dollars. Do you think a 21 day course in a Bidadi village with basic amenities and simple vegetarian costs that much? Now you have an idea where his gold thrones comes from.

    7) He is stated to have anywhere from Rs 50-200 crores in his bank account. When asked, he jokingly said that he did not have Rs 100 crores.

    8) Vinay Bharadwaj(Swami Vimalananda as annointed by Nithyananda) has filed charges of unnatural sex imposed on him. He is from US. Before he was to fly down to India for evidence, his devotees filed a paedophelia charge (involving a teenager from Nithyananda’s temple) so that he would be arrested and could not come down. The case is pending.

    And so on…The deceit is so stark that a ship can pass through it. It is therefore obvious that the 292nd pontiff is not fit as without basis he has claimed that Nithy was innocent and even done a sacriligeous act of annointing him on the basis of a “Divine Vision?”.

    Please verify this on the net for yourself.


    1. Thank You. I am sorry that you had to waste your time and money on this fraud.
      Please remember , as Ramanan Maharishi said’If you are hungry, only you should eat.None else can’
      If you are in need of a Guru he will Seek You.
      We do not need a broker to communicate with our father, God.
      God shall bestow you with peace, wealth and prosperity.


  3. Mr. Ramanan, I am replying to the posts of the Nithy devotees..Unfortunately, I do not know where the “reply” action puts the posts. My apologies to you if you feel that is being addressed to you.


    1. I am sorry too.
      I was perplexed at the expression, that’s all
      Again Regrets.
      I f you have any information of authenticity please forward to me.
      I shall blog as I am determined to expose people like Nithyananda,
      We have many more deceiving people by quoting Hinduism.
      This includes sophisticated charlatans like Sri Sri Ravishankar.
      Difference is he is a smooth operator, as different Raja of 2 G Scam from Bofors Quattoachchi.


  4. Mr. Ramanan, Don’t worry about the links. They are all press releases by the Bidadi folks. There is no need for complex analysis about the videos.

    1) Does anyone flee the scene over a morphed video? The way he is filing cases over every trivial issue. Look at the cases filed against Lenin, the notices sent to many newspapers (even over the ludicrous levitation event), and now threatening even the Saivite mutts. Does this guy look like a person who will flee over a morphed video?

    2) Please go through the initial press releases from the Bidadi folks after the video was aired. They claimed that they had no idea about the video and they were shocked. Now, they are claiming that Nithy was being blackmailed for Rs 100 crores. Nithy even proudly states that he did not pay that much (maybe Rs 40 crores)..Beat that. So they lied (2nd nature to all of them).

    3) They are not saying where the CDs that were presented to the US folks came from. Mostly it was printed in the Bidadi site. The US folks only analyzed what was given to them.

    4) Don’t you think if the morphing was accurately proved, the first thing these guys would have done was to place this in the court and challenge the Indian labs? They won’t do that as this will get the experts out and the source of the tapes will be known. So they try to confuse people by doing press releases but not going the next step.

    5) Ranjitha keeps on claiming that Christian missionaries are behind the video. Why does she not persist and tell us who it is? When she was asked why she was aroud Nithyananda, she said that she was making a documentary on Hindu saints’ visit to US. I have been involved in every Nithyananda visit to US/Canada and I (you can ask anyone) can state positively that no one ever saw Ranjitha with a video camera or even a recorder. Even if I missed it, where is the documentary or even a part of it?

    6) They have never denied the NDA. When asked about it, please refer to the answer to question 3 and answer me if this is blasphemy or not? And these guys are heading a sacred Saivite mutt. (http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/swami-nithyananda-what-we-have-here-is-a-complaint-cloaked-in-secrecy/1/122814.html)


  5. Every day Paramahamsan nithyananda is communicating with Lakhs of people Around the world in thousands of places in his morning satsangh with online tv nithyananda.tv and Two way video conference every day at 7.30


      1. Madurai Adheenam Have never stayed in Bangalore Bidadi ashram for one month, He stayed only 4 5 days.


      2. Madurai Adheenam Have never stayed in Bangalore Bidadi ashram for one month, He stayed only 4 to 5 days.


    1. Ramana said

      “Father, Please Forgive them for they know not what they do”)

      Saathaan Vedam OthuKirathu!


    2. U Have Already Passed The Judgement Before Even Hearing The Arguments or Knowing the Truth. Now ur Ego is Going To Defend The Judgement Because Judgement is u r’s. But The Truth U Don’t Know And U Dont Want To hear After Passing U r Judgement.


    3. Why Are u Not Approving The Video Analysis Report Link And 5 Video Analysis Youtube Link Given to you r u Afraid


  6. and Now The Name Of “Madurai Adheenam” is Itself Popularised Through out the world ,Because Paramahamsa Nithyananda Is Becoming Pintoff. Otherwise Many people even in tamil nadu don’t Know “Madurai Adheenam”.


  7. u r a fool what ever u r saying is an assumption totally 100% false whatever u r saying is utter foolishness, i Have understood How Mind can play whithout knowing anything it can claim it Knows the whole truth(whole thing u r saying is an Imaginary story), I have Learnt the Spiritual truth By seeing Fools Like (Ramanan fool who is critisizing). Even I Have the right to say this Because I Know what Happened in Bidadi ashram and How Foolish Medias and People are Projecting their Imagination. What ever u have written everything is ur imagination and u r feeling Happy with u r imagination(Understand This is ur Maya) u r caught in mays nothing else.


      1. India West the largest weekly newspaper providing news from India, Pakistan and the Asian Indian American community in California and the United States publish the video analysis report on the morphed video where Swamiji was portrayed with a women using which sections of Media ran months of Anti-Spiritual and Anti-Nithyananda campaign as fake and states the report from the Indian Forensic lab as incorrect. India West newspaper carries the video analysis report on the fake 2010 video of Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


    1. understand Paramahamsa nithyananda Have conducted more than 8 inner awakenings after the scandal AND he has earned nearly 40 Crores after the scandal by conducting this program. and More and more people Both from india and from other Countries are comming are comming to the ashram to attend his programs. Now the scandal Have only Popularised him if He have to make Such an advertisement it will need thousand’s of Crores Should be spent. Media has Actually Given Swami nithyananda a Free Add To Popularise him. And He is A True Spiritual Master and an avatar. There is no need For him that Any other Organization have to Support him with Money.

      and i challenge u u will regret for this.

      There is No Need For him to Get Adheenam Post to Get Popular or Support him with Money.

      Only he is adding to the Glory of the adheenam By Becoming Pintoff. Even If u dont Realize this It will Be recorded in history.

      Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda Have the Potential To Create Thousanda Of Adheenams
      . and Infact He is Going To Create 1000’s Of Adheenams Around the world in almost in all the countries and continents.

      in short U Don’t Know Him and assuming U Know Foolishly.


      1. and Now The Name Of “Madurai Adheenam” is Itself Popularised Through out the world ,Because Paramahamsa Nithyananda Is Becoming Pintoff. Orherwise Many people even in tamil nadu don’t Know “Madurai Adheenam”.


      2. thiruchitrambalam….


        u r the fellows here to spoil the hindu culture….

        after all the shows, u r again accepting the man.

        we are not here to publicity the adheenam..

        if he is having more money he can help the poor people.

        please clear about the things ……


      3. Yes.Yes. Yes. He has earned 40 crores and he will now earn 1000 crores Rs. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is spiritualism at its best. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had it wrong when in his Gospel he asserts at every third page to watch out for “money and sex” as these are the 2 main distractions in the spritual path. Wow! Gold thrones, gold crowns, gold necklaces…wow!

        Do you know the difference between fame and notoriety? The latter is what Nithyananda brought to the Madurai Adeenam. Well, the 292nd pontiff is equally guilty. Obviously now it is clear that he too is not fit for the position. Now either the Mutt will be taken over by other saivite mutt or by the Government. A wonderful tradition and glory of the Adeenam brought to dust in a single shot by the 292nd pontiff and the fraud Nithyananda.


      4. This is only the second comment condemning Nithyananda.
        Rest, from one source, is for Nithyananda.
        I deduce that
        a)How charlatans with a glib tongue can mesmerise People.
        b) How indifferent the Hindus are when they are attacked from within.
        c) How sex starved our people are.
        When I wrote this blog, it was with pain.
        Now I feel that one need not have taken pains on this as our people are so apathetic.
        On second thoughts , I resolve, that I shall continue to expose these vermin.
        I wish more people with a sense of belonging to Hinduism expose these people who bring disrepute to the Greatest Religion.
        Imagine a joker who is heading an Adheenam, founded by Sage Gnanasambandar, who called Poompavai who was proposed to him. as His Daughter because he gave her Life, appointing Nithyananda as Gnana sambandar’s Mutt!
        I had a comment, which I have approved, stating that there isa Video Analysis proving Nthyannada Ranjitha Video as doctored.
        I was given a site’s address.
        On checking up. there is no such information.
        I requested the sender to forward the Link.
        There is no reply yet.


    2. Did you pass Kiindergarten? Your posts are illegible. Not even a full-stop in a paragraph? People on the worldly path calling names is understandable but people who claim to be on the spiritual path doing so? Oh…I forgot…this is the Nithy way. By the way did you pass Kindergarten math? Can you do 2 + 2? Didn’t Nithy claim that he did Parivrajaka for 9 years? (Verify this for yourself…It is there in his CDs, DVDs, Books, youtube videos (all released by Bidadi). Look at the information yourself (his birthdate, education years, parivrajaka, enlightenment date ..all from his own mouth) and do a basic math. You will see the lies and deceit from Nithy’s own lips. He consistently claime dthat he did Parivrajaka for 9 years and told fancy stores about his adventures. He stated that he did not stay in a place for more than 3 days (definition of Parivrajaka so that one does not get attached) and he did not know when his next meal would come from. Then when he is exposed, he stated that his Parivrajaka consisted in him going from his home to the temple and back..Hehehehe. That is your level and you want to spread it to the world.


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