Two Collapse After Eating Hamburger

Fast Food is proving to be a killer.

Some of them affect immediately, some a little later.

Why can’t people go back to Home Food?

There is a Limit to Fun.

‘The infamous restaurant that makes people wear hospital gowns when they order their ‘bypass burger’ got their ‘flatliner fries’ in a twist when a greedy punter collapsed with a suspected heart attack – at The Heart Attack Grill.

Burger of Heart Attack Grill.
Quadruple Bypass Burger

The 40-something unnamed woman allegedly enjoyed her calorific fat feast, as well as cigarettes and margarita cocktails, before she collapsed, according to the Medical Daily.

An ambulance arrived at the scene shortly and the woman is expected to recover.

This is the second heart attack casualty at the notorious eatery in Las Vegas after another diner suffered heart failure after chomping on a 6,000kcal ‘triple bypass burger’.

The restaurant, which also serves up ‘flatliner fries’ and 9,983 kcal ‘quadruple bypass burgers’ presented by waitresses dressed up as nurses, opened last October. It is currently holds the Guinness World Record for having the highest amount of calories ever in a burger.

Although the restaurant claims that it warns hungry diners about its fat-infested patties, people still flock back for more – probably because the grill offers free meals for super-sized people over 350 pounds.

“Who doesn’t want to risk a little danger every once in a while,” Basso told CBS This Morning following the February heart attack. “If I can put danger back into hamburgers, all the better,” restaurant owner Jon Basso told USA Today.


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3 thoughts on “Two Collapse After Eating Hamburger”

  1. C’mon, this is not the burgers fault. If I purchase bacon grease and drink a glass full daily, is it my fault that I’m in bad health, or the person selling me the bacon grease? People need to exercise common sense.


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