Chris Gayle Six Ends in Stitches Video

That’s Caribbean Cricket!

Aggressive,not menaceing,unlike The Australians.

And so Humane!

How we miss Caribbean ascendency in World Cricket!


That’s Caribbean Cricket!

Aggressive,not menacing,unlike The Australians.

And so Humane!

How we miss the Caribbean ascendency in World Cricket!

Ps.Gayle has scored 85 Sixes in 33Matches in IPL,one more than Gilchrist in half the number of Matches in T20

‘It was an incredible display of batting which left cricket fans packed inside an Indian stadium open-mouthed with astonishment.

But despite fans cheering with delight after West Indian batsman Chris Gayle hit five consecutive sixes, one young fan was left in agonising pain.

When Gayle, who was playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, hit his fourth six on the bounce during the Indian Premier League match, the ball flew straight into the crowd and smashed an unfortunate ten-year-old girl in the face.

But when the talented batsman learned that one of his huge shots had broke the youngster’s nose, he went straight to visit her in a Bangalore hospital.

According to NDTV, Gayle – who was awarded man-of-the-match for this display –  decided to visit the hospital because he was sad to hear about the youngster’s injury.

‘Her first words were that I should not be sad,’ the cricketer said. ‘It was a very touching moment for me and I wished her a speedy recovery.

‘She told me to keep hitting sixes and not to worry.’

The young fan was hit in the face during the match between The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and the Pune Warriors on Tuesday

And according to the player, the youngster – believed to be called Tia – was perfectly relaxed about the incident when she came face-to-face with the star player.’

Chris Gayle’s 37 runs in an over.

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