Bollywood Actress Beheaded by Co-Stars

What a Price to pay for Name and fame?

Sleazy world it is, despite glamour!

Bollywood actress Meenakshi Thapar reportedly has been gruesomely killed by two of her co-stars in a failed attempt to extort money from her family.

26-year-old Thapar was strangled and then beheaded after allegedly being kidnapped by two aspiring actors that she met on the set of her latest film “Heroine”.

Amit Jaiswal, 36, and his lover Preeti Surin, reportedly decided to kidnap Ms. Thapar after listening to her boast about her family’s wealth and status in Dehra Dun, in the Himalayan foothills of northern Indiaaccording to Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

The New York Daily News quotes Indian police as saying Amit Jaiswal and his girlfriend Preeti Surin allegedly lured Thapar on a trip with them to the town of Gorakhpur. According to the report, the pair then took Thapar capitve and sent threatening communications to her mother, saying they would force her to make pornographic films if their demands were not met.

Jaiswal and Surin had demanded a 1,500,000-rupee (approximately $28,000) ransom from Thapar’s family. The International Business Times reports that Thapar’s mother gave the kidnappers 60,000 rupees (just over $1,000). The pair evidently decided the amount was insufficient, and reportedly killed Thapar by strangling her to death and then beheading her.


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