Entire (24 Hours) Captured in One Frame Photo

This is actually an image showing 24-hours of a day and night in one single, stunning photograph.

The Picture is covered by Copyright.Please click the Link at the end.


What is the small wheel like thing sticking out at the bottom (!) of the Earth?

Technically is it possible to take a photograph like this, as the Photographer will be at a point in the Earth?

Snapper Chris Kotsiopoloulos created the 360 degree shot from sunrise to sunset in Sounio, Greece.

He spent 30 hours overlooking a beautiful rural vista to prepare and capture the amazing panoramic, taking hundreds of images which were later stitched together.

And he was forced to use a HAIRDRYER to keep the lens from getting too moist.

Patient Chris said: “I had to stay in the same place alone for 30 hours in total to get everything right, prepare and take the pictures.

“At night it became even more difficult because I had to keep my eyes open and inspect the camera lens for moisture.

“The temperature dropped to about three degrees Celsius, so this wasn’t very easy.

“I was equipped with a hairdryer in order to use it on the lens in case of moisture.

“Fortunately, I have a very understanding wife who almost never complains.”



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