Know Your Trackers Online.

Collusion9Add on) Visualisation
Screenshot of collusion visualisation.

Despite your knowing them and installing software to block them these trackers still follow you.

Mozilla introducedCollusion, an add-on for the Firefox browser that shows you how companies are tracking you as you surf the Web. A cool visual demonstration of the software illustrates all the links that form as you crisscross just a few popular sites online, including IMDB, the New York Times and the Huffington Post. The software shows the connections between sites you visit and third-party tracking and advertising networks such as Doubleclick and Scorecard Research. It makes plain the invisible web that has been woven through the Web.

The software was created as a protoype by Atul Varma, who explained in a blog postthat he “didn’t know a lot about tracking myself, so I whipped up a Firefox add-on called Collusion to help me visualize it better,” he wrote. “The results were a littleunsettling.”

Collusion will help you understand how you’re being tracked online, but it won’t stop it from happening. For that, you can disable “third-party” cookies on your browser and install other add-ons such as TrackerBlock. A number of internet giants have alsoannounced support for a “do not track” button, though that option may not become available until the end of the year.”

“The PrivacyChoice Chrome extension opts you out permanently from behavioral ad targeting by over 150 companies. While this does not block tracking, in many cases (but not all) these companies will refrain from collecting information from your computer when the opt-out is in place.”

Does this include Google Chrome?


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