Bus Day, Pachayappa’s College Chennai.Rowdyism is not new.

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This is not the first time the Pachiyappa College students engaged in vandalism.

What I narrate here happened in 1967/8-68/69, when I was a student of Vivekananda College Chennai and happened to be the College Union Secretary.

Economic Department of the Madras University  conducted  an event at the Madras University premises and students of all colleges were attending the function.( I did not attend the function)

We, at our college received information that a student of our College(Vivekananda ) was stabbed by a student of the Pachiyappa College and we decided to take action on the following day by convening the Student Council.

The next day the The Indian Express  published a news item under the heading ‘Rowdyism mar University function’.

On reading the headline , the students of Pachayappa College went on a procession through Mount Road and late Annadurai(who was a student of Pachiyappa College), who was at the Murasoli office at the time of the Day, came out and openly declared that the ‘Pachayappa College’ students should not behave like the rowdies of other colleges’, -calling the best behaved students of Vivekananda College as rowdies-one should note that the CM did not have any information as to what has happened and the fact Annadurai and Co were against the Vivekananda College as it was run(in his view) by Aryan Brahmins!

Enthused by his stupid and provocative remarks, the Pachayappa Students went on a rampage against our college and the Indian Express for a couple of Days.

We had to call in the Madras Students College Union  and enlisted the support of all colleges,except Thyagaraya College, which aligned with Pachayappa’s, and it took another couple of days for Annadurai to depute his Minister Late.V.R Neduncheziyan to our college and he complicated the issues by stating in Vivekananda College Assembly by declaring that he will never step into our College as the college was not worthy of  him and the enraged Students booed him   and he had to be escorted out.

Later Annadurai, through the Pachayappa College ,Shanmugasundaram ,I recall, and Ra.Janarthanan who was student leader of the Pachiyappa College(he was a DMK stooge and he is no more), expressed his regrets and that was that.

If one were to check the History of Student violence in Chennai ,one would invariably find Pachayappa Students involved in one way or another.

After all, this college is the home ground of disciplined DMK Leaders.

I envisage a stream of hate mail and a list of the luminaries from Pachayappa College, but they shall fail to note that the luminaries were prior to DMK junk.

A great Institution is being sullied by the goons of DMK.

Will Pachayappa’s authorities restore their old glory by throwing out these flotsams and jetsams?

“At least 30 police personnel, including an Assistant Commissioner of Police, and ten others were injured when a ‘Bus Day’ celebration turned violent in front of the Pachaiyappa’s College here on Wednesday, police said.

According to police sources, about 100 students took a Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) bus from Broadway to their college as part of their ‘Bus Day’ celebration around noon on Wednesday. A large posse of police personnel escorted them. On reaching the college premises, the students allegedly threw stones. Traffic was disrupted on EVR Salai following the incident.

“We exercised restraint and persuaded the students to disperse. They continued to throw stones indiscriminately…Six members of the public were also injured. Police used mild force to chase the unruly students into the campus,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Kilpauk) S. Lakshmi said.

The injured police personnel were admitted to the Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital.

Four students were also hospitalised. “Police entered the campus without obtaining the permission of the management,” a professor of Pachaiyappa’s College said.

The incident took place a couple of days after the Madras High Court wanted to know why police were not taking action against unruly celebrations in the name of ‘Bus Day’. Explaining why police used force, Commissioner of Police T. Rajendran said the students kept on throwing stones on the police and public. “Public life and property was endangered. The Inspector of Police (Kilpauk) E. Rajeswari suffered a head injury…we had no other option but to chase the students. One MTC bus and two motorcycles were damaged in stone throwing,” he told The Hindu.”


“The police crackdown on the so-called ‘bus day’ celebrations will continue, and all police personnel have been instructed to strictly implement the court-imposed ban on the menace in letter and spirit, the city police have told the Madras high court.

A counter-affidavit, filed by Chennai police commissioner J K Tripathy in response to a batch of public interest petitions against the recent ‘bus day’ violence in the city, said chargesheet against 14 persons, including 12 Pachaiyappa’s College students, will be filed shortly.

“The investigation is mostly complete. The final report will be filed in due course. The police risked their lives, rescued the general public, especially women and children, and made all efforts to bring the situation under control,” Tripathy said, referring to the February 9 rampage by Pachaiyappa’s College students. ”


* the information can be verified by checking the archives of Indian Express.

It is worth noting that in the very nest year of this incident Pachiyappa College students were involved in the attack on the Madras City Transport buses and the Conductors and drivers retaliated in kind and this issue became a serious law and Order issue.


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