Woman Gives Birth in a Car-Emergency Tips-Video.

From the time that a mother says “My water just broke,” to the trip going to the hospital, the whole situation could be a blur what with the rush, adrenaline, and panic that comes with childbirth. But fact of the matter is, not everyone makes it to the hospital to give birth; and that’s where emergency births come in, are the moms-to-be prepared for that scenario?

Just like in the case of the viral video going about, giving birth doesn’t always happen in a hospital room, some happen in cars, homes, or tubs. So in unexpected, difficult situations like this, what are the things that should be remembered?

Right off the bat, do not panic – take comfort in the fact that giving birth in a car or at home happens every day and that it has been done. Once everyone is all calm, the couple should stop whatever it is they are doing and start prepping for birth.

Before anything else, call a hospital or one’s doctor to report the emergency. When that’s done, time for the actual birth, which means that mom should be comfortable. Once she is comfy, mom should only push ever so gently with the contractions, according to Robin Elise Weiss of About.com.



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