How does Aeroplane Fly? What you were taught is Wrong.Video.

A Professor from Cambridge has disproved the Theory on ‘How planes fly’ (what we have been taught in schools is wrong.)

This goes to prove my oft-repeated statement that we  live despite Science, not because of it.

Coffee is good, bad, again Good.It is carcinogenic, again it retards cancerous growth.

We have a cure for Cancer,AIDS..we are still doing Research  to find the cure.

We give patients Anaesthesia, we do not know if one  will come out of it.

We have removed a malignant Tumour, we do not know if it will recur.

Cholesterol causes Heart Attack.. no, no, there are two kinds of cholesterol  and again it has no bearing on Heart attacks.

Surgeons tell me that they do not trust the MRI Scans,PET Scan,Ultrasound completely because what they inside may be at variance with what has been seen through these technological marvels.

A patient in Coma may wake up in a Day or in years.

World came into Being after Big Bang ;we do not know what was before Big Bang.

Light travels in a straight Line, in waves and in particles.

Sound has speed limit; we have Ultra sound.

Light is the fastest known to us, yet we have particles faster than Light.

In LHC,CERN,Switzerland,  people were looking for the God particle,now they say there is a sub-particle to God particle.

If you look at any theory, you will find a continuous process of evolution.

What we have now are Theories and nothing more than that.

At most, they are pragmatical and they are subject to change, if you want to say in a scientist’s lingo ‘evolution’

They, in my opinion, are not The Truth.

They are perspectives of The Truth viewed from different angles.

Gravitation would still be operating even if Newton had not formulated his Theory, so is the case with all the theories and the so-called inventions.

In fact inventions are only Discoveries.

Invention is nothing but rearrangement of configuration of the Elements.

In short, the Universe goes on despite our feeble attempts to know Nature.

After all it  has been here for more than Billion years  and will be so in future(even this may be wrong), and our Life Span is hardly 100 years.

Now it is the Theory of Flying that takes a beating.

Do not worry, your flight will  not crash because our theory is proved false.

“Thursday January 26 2012

An engineer has debunked one of the most commonly held myths in science — why aircraft fly.

Aeroplanes fly because their wings cause the air pressure underneath to be greater than that above, lifting them into the air.

For years engineers have been frustrated by a theory which wrongly explained the change in pressure. The myth is commonly found in textbooks, and even Einstein was rumoured to have subscribed to it.

A Cambridge scientist became so fed up with the explanation that he created a minute-long video to lay it to rest.

The video, published on YouTube by Prof Holger Babinsky, seeks to explain in simple terms why the theory goes against the laws of physics. (© The Daily Telegraph, London)

– David Millward in London



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One thought on “How does Aeroplane Fly? What you were taught is Wrong.Video.”

  1. You are missing the point about science. Any particular scientific discovery or theory is able to explain facts given specific conditions. Newton’s theory is very good at predicting motion and only fails at very small or very large distances. For the former, we have quantum mechanics and for the latter, we have general relativity. The scientific method is not about absolutism, but about further discovery. In that matter, whatever we knew in 1900 is less than what we knew in 1950 which is less than what we know now.

    Second, there has been much progress because of science. Take a look at death rates, including infant mortality and death due to infectious diseases. Or devastating diseases such as polio or leprosy. Lifespans have gone up. We are living in ways (travel, communication, food, clothing, air conditioning, etc.) that people could not even imagine a century ago. Not even kings. In fact, in communication (such as the Internet), even 30 years back.

    Our feeble attempts to know nature have yielded spectacular results and they have influenced our lives significantly. Whether we will be able to know every Truth – I don’t know and perhaps no one knows. But the question of whether that has affected our lives is not in question.


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