Latest and Useful Blog Tools.

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The goal of a Blogger is to be read widely.

It is of primary importance that the content be original , informative and interesting.

Then comes the issue of promoting the Blog by having it heard on the net-sphere.

One tool is social media sharing.

Other than this, there are Tools that help one to blog better and make the blog richer.
I came across some of the Tools which I am sharing below.

Calepin: Host & Publish A Blog Using Dropbox

calepin300 Unlike other platforms like Blogger or WordPress, Calepin is not a blog hosting solution. Rather, Calepin is a simple app that lets you use your Dropbox account to store blog posts and publish them online with a single click. Once you sign up for a Calepin account and link your Dropbox account to it, all […]


Pandamian: Type & Publish Books Online

pandamian-thumb Online blogging platforms do a wonderful job of letting you write an online diary. But what if you are an aspiring author looking for a way to write an entire book online? What you will need is a web service that organizes the chapters in your books and lets visitors comfortably go through them. This […]

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