On Telugu,Telugu Men and Women,

I received a forward from my friend Manian, who is is Australia, a Link from a Blog, which imagines it to be satire on Telugu Men, Women and Telugu in general.

Though the piece may appeal to some as being funny, it does not appear to be matured.

To comment on a language , which is slightly younger than the oldest languages like Sanskrit,Tamil and Kannada,even it be a spoof, is nauseating.

If others were to comment on Tamils‘ arrogance and the propensity of living in the past like quoting Old Tamil Literature without producing anything anew in the recent past,their habit of looking down upon others,their chauvinism,their hawking their governance to Cine Actors(though Telugu had one,thank God  only once)

,their pastime of getting into the wrong side of every nation/state where they settle in,their so -called Rationalism where they worship at Graves,garlanding dead leaders(?) criticizing at the same time worship of idols,engaging in scams of unimaginable proportions like 2G(they will elect the same guys to rule them again)…..?

Even for this piece, the likes of Seeman and Co will cry that ‘Tamil/Tamils’ are insulted.

Even for fun one should know that there is a decency level and before writing one must know what and who they are.

Now the meaning of ‘Kundi’ in Telugu,

‘ kundi : (page 130)

kunda n. post, pillar; o.-ni ~ pooTLu poDucu to buffet s.o.

kundanamkundanam n. gold.

kundikundi n. brass lamp stand.

kundukundu v.i. to pine, be sad or dejected.


Please ask your Kannada friends what is the meaning of Tamil Word ( Tullu'( Jump) in Kannada!


I have nothing against the Honorable Telugu people. Except that they are not worth marrying. Or even knowing in some cases. Unless they own a car. That comes with a driver. Telugu drivers tend to drive well. Mostly because they know how to overtake.

Over the weekend, there was a surprise visit by a Telugu Family with Eligible Bachelor. We’ve heard that there is a severe drop in the number of Telugu Women, hence, I was especially careful that they not cast their Gult net on our Asal Tamil Family.

To begin with, an average Telugu person eats too much rice. I cannot imagine a wedding where there might be 200 Telugu guests. It will result in the prices of rice shooting up. We are a very socially responsible family. Besides, in a proper Tamil Wedding, one is allowed only two rounds. Any more, and we think that you don’t come from a family of decent means.



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