Lesbian Helpline Chennai records increase-No Real Help.

Indian Community Welfare organization had set up a Helpline for Lesbians in Chennai,044 65515742, in2009.

In 200

Lesbian & Gay Christians [Exeter LGBT Pride 2011]
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9, it received 100 clls per day,150 in 2010 and in 2011, 400 calls.

The major queries were.

Whether lesbianism is correct and normal behavior.

Fights at Home with Men over the Lesbianism.

A.Hariharan of ICWO states that the organization does not answer on Morality and requests the complainant to attend Lesbian Groups to share their experience.

When some one seeks clarification, it is essential to provide it.

By asking people to attend to Group Discussions and asking them to share their experiences is not going to help any one excepting to know more about the problem and in some cases might help to pick up new Liaisons.

The question is on the acceptability of Lesbianism.

Honest answer should be that Lesbianism is not accepted as Normal Behavior.

Considering the present social structure the individuals must be advised to keep it mind and if they still want to continue these relationships, they shall face domestic as well as Social problems.

The society has accepted codes of behavior and the behavior of Gays/Lesbians affect the family and Relationships.

While it is true that these behaviors are to be accommodated,if not cured, the Gays /Lesbians must be made aware of the fact, they can not force others to forgo their relationships and value systems .

In a case known to me a  Lesbian girl from an Orthodox Family got married to a Man, made his Life Hell before finally agreeing to divorce him.

In fairness of things,Lesbians/Gays must be honest with others and declare their behavior prior to getting married and be prepared to lead a  Life with out complicating others’ lives.

They can not expect others’ lives to be disturbed on account of their behavior .

They should learn to accept the consequences of their Behavior and not intrude on others’ lives.

If they can not do this , they will undergo problems in the society.

Gays /Lesbians may accept that their Behavior is not Normal and be prepared to accept this fact and lead a Life with other like minded people and lead a Life without bothering about what others say and not disturb other relationships in the Family by forcing them to accept their(Gays/Lesbians) non-normal behavior.

CHENNAI: Alternative sexuality may still be a topic discussed only in whispers in Chennai, but the number of city women calling up the first helpline for lesbians in the country has been going up considerably.

The lesbian helpline (044-65515742) run by Indian Community Welfare Organisation (ICWO) in the city gets, on an average, more than a call every day. Last year the line got 400 calls, up from 150 calls in 2010. In 2009,the year when itwasestablished, the helpline got around 100 calls.

Most of the calls are from women who are either in dilemma over accepting their sexual orientation or those facing insult and harassment for having spoken it out. “Constant fights at home, especially with the men, are a common complaint from women who callup tosaythey are lesbians,” says A J Hariharan of ICWO. “We organise counselling and group discussions to support such people.



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