Sky will ‘Glow’ to night. Da Vinci Glow.

Normally Venus will glow in the later part of December and will be visible to the naked eye.Venus will be visible ,glowing in the early mornings in this month.

This is illustrated in Sri.Andal‘s ‘Thiruppavai’-Velli ezhunadadu,Vyazham urangitru’-Velli-Venus,Vyazhan-Jupiter.

These’ new findings’ are as old as Panchanga,Hindu Almanac , where celestial positions of Stars,planets and other activities are predicted every year very accurately,including Eclipses to the finest Degree.

It will be a sight to see this evening at dusk, as “Earthshine,” or sunlight reflected off the Earth, generates a ghostly illumination of the shadowed moon along with the crescent that will be in direct sunlight, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports.

Astronomers named this visual effect “the Da Vinci glow” after Leonardo Da Vinci, who first figured it out.

This will not be the only celestial light to brighten the evening sky the day after Christmas. Venus will be prominent in the deep blue twilight, and the giant planet Jupiter will appear above it, in the constellation Pisces, NASA says.

Forming a triangle, the two planets and the moon will be the brightest lights in the night sky.

They can be seen with the naked eye, but a telescope will improve the view: “With a simple triangular sweep, you can see the clouds and moons of Jupiter, mountains and craters on the moon, and the fat gibbous form of Venus,” NASA says. “Rarely can so much amateur astronomy be done with so little effort.”


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