Reality’Mun Jenmam'(Previous Birth) Show in Star-Vijay .Absolute Non Sense.

Star Vijay,a trend setter in terms of content and presentation in its shows, seems to have succumbed to pressure of sensationalism and playing to the gallery.

That a Channel which has introduced  Class shows like ‘Naiyaandi Durbar’ Satire Show,Talk shows like the running ‘Neeya Naana‘,Entertaining Reality Shows like ‘Super Singer’,’Jodi No 1′, and ‘Coffee with Anu‘ has decided to telecast a show on Rebirth is regrettable.

Reincarnation and Rebirth are serious subjects where no final word has been said.

In fact it’s very existence is being questioned.

If the channel has produced a show that is informative or purely fictional. it is welcome.

Now Star-Vijay is hosting a show on Sundays and Saturday evenings( Saturdays is a re run, I presume) entitled ‘Mun Jenmam’

This show is hosted by Actor Ajay Rathnam.

A VIP(?) is called and a Doctor(?) is present,the Doctor  takes the VIP to his/her past Lives by Hypnosis and declares the past lives of the one who under goes under Hypnotic Regression.The participant is asked to comment,video clippings of the Hypnosis session are shown in between.

And the show goes on.

Two Episodes have already rolled.

In the first one TV actor,Venkat is the VIP.

He was taken to his past lives(!),and he had added his contributions to the show by saying about his experiences, which would make one wonder how a grown up can mouth such a script.

The Doctor asserts that Venkat had been muslim in his past two births at least and he was once a warrior in China and at another time he was a Muslim Scholar in Iraq.

All these things were revealed during Hypnotic Trance,( As a  Hypnotist, I can assert that he was not under trance-his eye and body movements ,his speech betrayed the fake trance)

The Doctor also asserted the visitor’s present life is compensating his past life’s sins, which are minimal and he is advised to be more oriented to his Family as in his earlier births he had not paid attention to his family life.

I do not know how one can stand all this, least of all the producer.

I wish people do not meddle with serious issues like Rebirth in such a frivolous manner.

Not only does it do injustice to the Subject but brings discredit to Star-Vijay as a clean and class entertainer whose programmes are copied by other channels.


Author: ramanan50

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger

16 thoughts on “Reality’Mun Jenmam'(Previous Birth) Show in Star-Vijay .Absolute Non Sense.”

  1. Hi Natarajan, In response to your Post. I have read that book.& have that book. As a practising Hindu, I believe in Reincarnation– not this Past Life Regression drama they show on TV.It may look interesting from the entertainment point of view. Beyond that there is nothing. At best it is kiddish Hypnotic Regression

    I agree with Prof Ramanan. Reincarnation is a complex issue as I understand.Theologists & Religious Gurus are grappling with it

    There is a big business these days in Past Life Regression Therapy.


  2. I think people have forgotten that men & machines have landed on Moon .We have landed one machine– Curiosity – recently on Mars also . Some Indians still think that the Lunar impact or the Mars Curses- DOSHAM – will influence men & matters on earth . And there is real business in holding on to superstitions .All are to make money out of human weakness. We are paying high price for Democracy . We are also paying for these kind of superstitions being marketed in India .
    Science only is an interpreter of nature and Engineering is the real user of Naturalistic principles & theories .All others are only gimmicks. We can accept rare hereditary traits in human beings – which are also misinterpreted as Incarnations /or REBIRTHS .
    To quote a philosopher’ the concept of GOD is an unverifiable’ .We are not able to prove his existence nor his non-existence . Let us not waste our time in unverifiable things .Let us concentrate on verifiable facts and realities and move ahead.
    Let us try to hail good people and punish bad people during this LIFE only and let us not leave these to FATE or REBIRTHS .


    1. 1.Man has landed on Moon and Mars.Agreed.

      The Moon as specified in Hindu Mythology indicates a stage of Mental Development.
      It does not mean that Lord Siva has the Crescent on His head.
      It indicates stage in the development of Universal Consciousness through the Individual Consciousness.
      It denotes that the Individual Consciousness is equally important in Realizing The Ultimate or Universal Consciousness,
      Hence to indicate this ,Lord Siva(in Sanskrit it means ”Very Auspicious’ ‘Mangalam’ represents Sat ,Chit, Anandam,-Being,Consciousness and Bliss respectively is portrayed as having Crescent on his head.
      Hence landing on Moon does not in any way run counter to Hinduism.
      2.Chvavai Dosham-it is a fact when Mars is the ruing Planet,mental tribulations do take place.We do not know why.
      We can not deny some thing, because we can not explain it.
      As Leibniz put it ‘I Know not what’ seems to be correct.
      3.Science is an interpretation of Nature and it does not explain’Why’
      That does not make a difference to me excepting that my physical Life tends to become easier(some times it complicates as well).
      That’s all.
      4.Heaven and Hell- are again Allegorical-I shall deal this in a separate blog.
      That which remains Unverifiable need not be denied.
      My views on Rebirth has already been posted.


  3. I am surpsrised by your comments, particularly DR Chandrashekhar and blogger Ramani. Have you guys read ‘Many lives and Many masters’ By Dr Brain Weiss. Have you not heard about regression therapy? Surprising.
    It is indeed possible that one can visit previous births and see waht he was was. Adi Shakara has clearly told ‘Punabi Jananam Punrabi Maranam, punarabi Janani Jadares Sayanam’. ReBirth & Death and then sleep like a log in mother’s womb.
    Same byArunagiri Nathar,’Ezhu kadal Manalai alavividn athigam enathidar piravi avatharam’. The lives taken by sould are unlimited.
    Ofcourse Christians and Muslims do not beleive in that. If you are one, I cannot argue with you.
    I enjoy every bit of the program. Kudos to Vijay TV!


    1. Mr.Natarajan,
      The blog is not about denying Previous Births.
      It is about the ham-handed way the subject is treated.
      And ,as mentioned in my blog, Hypnotism is ridiculed in the programme to say the least.
      As a practising Hypnotist, I can vouch for this.
      That there is Birth is handed over to us and I also believe this.
      This would be evident if you go through my blogs filed under Hinduism/Indian Philosophy/Religion.
      Poor Adi Sankara and Arunagiri-they had to be dragged to justify a crass, unscientific presentation of one of Nature’s Greatest Mysteries.!
      At this rate, Vittalachaarya’s ‘Maaya Mohini ‘ and ‘Jagan Mohini ‘ can be touted as Scientific!
      Hinduism/Indian Philosophy needs no enemies for its treasures, programmes like Mun jenmam will do.
      Note; In Fact, I have demonstrated that one can transcend Time by Astral Travelling’ in Public.
      I am also equally certain that Hypnotic Regression has not been achieved for past Lives.It is still under investigation.
      Imagine the mental trauma one will undergo after learning that they were kings etc,or Killed people in the previous births and that has been telecast live.
      Worth checking out with the so called VIP participants of the show.
      And it would not be and idea to to call the so called Doctor to publicly demonstrate her skills.
      I am ready to demonstrate Astral Travel in Public and Transcending Time barrier.


      1. Mr.Natarajan,
        I have expressed my views and it is not necessary that all should accept it.
        In my reply,if I have hurt any one, it is unintentional and I am sorry.


  4. Do you think other programmes are good and sensible .’Neeya Naana’ is now exceeding privacy limits . ‘Super Singer ‘ is also exceeding limits with singers doing a lot of make -ups and even 60 + parents doing a ‘tappan koootthu ‘.They should limit to singing and not dancing with make-ups ..


    1. In fact I have bolgged on the same topics you mention.I would blame the parents.
      In some cases the parents’ behavior is bordering the obscene.
      Neeya Naana has its finer points.
      if there is excess, it is the Narcissistic tendencies of the participants.


  5. All such Past Life Regression Therapies are big money spinners these days.

    .I saw one such programme in Hindi & I was just not impressed. It is just like Lie Detector Test under Inj Pentothal Sodium..You blabber out in a trance which may not have any truth in it. No wonder courts do not accept it

    Such TV shows are good for gosssip value Pl. do not take it seriously !!


  6. Hi intellectual,
    you have no option except accepting it like we all accept the voice or message going out of cell phone and pinpoint other end cell phone receives it. if this is told by a scientist 50 years ago, our muppaattans would not believe it. our present body cells and many inherrent habbits are heriditary from our ancesters, so you will not beleive so easily. If i say that your father had a grand father but, your grand father didnot had a grandfather… will you accept? Why watch regularly and start comparing the events with Vedhas explination.


    1. First let me tell you that I am not an intellectual nor do I pretend to be one.
      If one were to carefully read what I have written it would be clear that I have stated that what Mun jenmam portrays in the programme is absolute non sense and the programme is making a mockery of Rebirth.
      I have not stated any where that I do not believe in Reincarnation nor the Theory in false.
      I pray that I write good English so that People can understand what I write.


  7. My family and I really liked this program… we were very much intrigued. If you see it with an open mind you could even get answers to some of the questions in our own lives. On the whole we found the program to be of good taste.
    Do not agree with the comments made on this blog at all, but I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    Thank you.


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