Banks with bad Debts(NPA)-Full List.

If one were to take statistics,bad debts would have come from corporate, large companies and individually wealthy people.

Small business men and individual borrowers especially the poor  lower,middle and  middle class would have cleared the loan.

Occupy Wall Street is to be supported because of this.

All the much touted banks are in the list.

One does not find a smaller bank, say Vijaya  Bank,KVB,CUB.

Surprising Indian bank does not figure in the list.

May be theydid not meet the minimum NPA to be included in the list.

Some banks have even shown growth in NPA.

Good governance by the Economist Prime Minister.

State bank of India Building.
State bank of India.

1. State Bank of India

Net NPAs: Rs 12,347.90 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 25,326.29 crore

The gross non-performing assets (NPAs) of public sector banks increased by 20 per cent during June-September 2011.

Standard & Poor’s, which had in September downgraded standalone ratings of State Bank of India, said high credit risks in the Indian banking sector reflects that the country has a weak payment culture and legal system that often result in low recoveries and delayed settlement of foreclosures.

(NPA figures are for the year ended March 2011, Source: RBI)

Net NPAs: Rs 2,407.36 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 10,034.26 crore

ICICI Bank has the highest NPAs among private sector banks. ICICI Bank has slightly improved its net bad debts to 0.90 per cent from 0.91 per cent in the earlier quarter.

Indian banks face challenges like increase in interest rates on saving deposits, a tighter monetary policy, restructured loan accounts and increasing infrastructure loans.

3. Canara Bank

Net NPAs: Rs 2,347.33 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,089.21 crore

Canara Bank’s gross NPA ratio increased to 1.73 per cent (Rs 3,793 crore) for the quarter ending September 30 from 1.49 per cent (Rs 2,636 crore) in the year-ago period. The net NPA ratio stood at 1.43 per cent (Rs 3,117 crore) in September.

4. Punjab National Bank

Net NPAs: Rs 2,038.63 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 4,379.39 crore

The NPAs of Punjab National Bank (PNB) rose by 29 per cent during the July-September quarter to Rs 5,150 crore.

Net NPAs: Rs 1944.99 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 4,811.55 crore

The bank’s gross non-performing assets (npas) stood at 3.02 per cent, up 33 basis points sequentially, while net NPAs stood at 1.98 per cent, up 71 basis points sequentially.

Net NPAs: Rs 1,824.55 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,150.36 crore

As NPAs mount, UCO Bank is eyeing a 20 per cent growth in its business and a reduction in its non-performing assets (NPAs) to less than 3 per cent in FY12.

7. Union Bank of India

Net NPAs: Rs 1,803.44 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,622.82 crore

The system based NPA recognition method has led to a rise NPAs. Compared to the manual method, the system based study gives an accurate picture of bad loans.

However, the Union Bank is optimistic about cutting down NPAs. It expects gross NPAs to be below 3 per cent in the coming quarter.

8. IDBI Bank

Net NPAs: Rs 1,677.91 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 2,784.73 crore

While IDBI’s gross NPA rose to 2.47 per cent from 1.88 per cent, net NPA shot up to 1.57 from 1.19 per cent in the second quarter.
Net NPAs: Rs 1,328.42 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 3,089.59 crore

The gross NPA stood at Rs 3,090 crore in March 2011, as against Rs 3,611 crore in March 2010.

In percentage terms, the gross NPA ratio was 2.72 per cent as on March 2011 compared to 4.47 per cent in March 2010.

10. Syndicate Bank

Net NPAs: Rs 1,030.84 crore
Gross NPAs: Rs 2,598.97 crore

While the net non-performing assets (NPAs) increased to Rs 1,052 crore for the second quarter ended September, as against Rs 917 crore in the year-ago period, the percentage of net NPA declined marginally to 0.93 per cent, as against 0.97 per cent in the same period last year.


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