Tirumala Hills side View As Lord Balajis Face-Pictures.

I received an email with pictures of  Tirumala Hills and Lord Balaji.

Scroll down for Video.


The vertical tilt of the Hill reveals Lord Balaji’s Face. ( 90 Degrees anti clock wise)

Tirupathi Hills straight view.
Tirumala Hills in tilted positiuon.
90 degrees tilited view of Tirupathi Hills.
Face of Lord Balaji
Lord Balaji

Sloka Credit.Muralidharan Godavarama at Sound cloud


Author: ramanan50

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42 thoughts on “Tirumala Hills side View As Lord Balajis Face-Pictures.”

  1. OnmVigneshwaraya nqmaha
    Om namo venkatateshaya…
    On nama Shivaya…
    Govinda…Govinda…Govinda…anatha raksha govinda GOVINDA…


  2. I am visiting tirumal since 15years onwards but i did not observe, thank you, once againg prove that Kaliyuga daivam akkade koluvai vunnadu.


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