Tamil New Year-Karunanidhi’s Con.

Tamil New Year is traditionally celebrated on the First of  ‘Chittirai’ month according to Tamil tradition.

During his last tenure as Chief Minister,Karunanidhi, the self-appointed custodian of Tamils and Tamil Literature, declared that Tamil New Year will be celebrated on the First of ‘Thai’ in Tamil Calendar, as this is the day Tamilians celebrate on a grand scale and that to have this as the New Year is the true spirit of Tamils.

karunanidhi with his Children Kumudam cartoon.jpg

Nothing can be farther from the  Truth.

Tamils(definition, according to Karunanidhi  are  those who follow him, excludes Hindus, especially Brahmins)  as a race follow  the Tamil New Year is blatantly wrong.

Christians celebrate on January First , Muslims and Jains among Tamils as per their calendars.

Only Hindus celebrate Tamil new year as a Religious festival, not as a social function, for Hindus follow Sauramanam(which keeps movement of The Sun as the basis of calculations).

Hence Tamil New year is not for all the Tamils but is practiced  only by The Hindus as a religious function .

Tamil literature abounds in evidence to support  this fact.

There is some more non sense to come.

Tamil Nadu Government follows Thiruvalluvar Era as the basis for calculating Time.

This starts on the   Second of ‘Thai’ which is Thiruvalluvar day.

Now the date of Thiruvalluvar is fixed by Maraimalai Adigal as Vaikasi ‘Anusham’ 31 BC.

‘Vaikasi’ Second is three month away from  Thiruvalluvar Aandu.

If the Calendar is based on Thiruvalluvar Aandu where is the necessity of tinkering with Tamil New year as  ‘Chittirai?

Even here  the year of Thiruvalluvar is incorrect.

Karunanidhi says the date of Thirulluvar Aandu was decided upon a meet by Tamil scholars under the Chairman ship of Maraimalai Adigal in 1921.

( ref;Governor’s Speech 23/1/2008 page 38-39).

There is no record of such a meet anywhere .

Karunanidhi has this habit of referring to imaginary meets to suit his political games as he does stating Annadurai came in his dreams and advised him on a certain course of action!(Karunanidhi is a “Pahuththarivu vaathi’-Rationalist.

Source.Chamy. Thiyagarajan , Dravidach Chaanror Peravai(Parliament of Dravidian Scholars’ in ‘Thuglak’ dtd.5/10/2011.

It may be noted these points were put forth ,not by an Aryan Brahmin, but by a Tamil!


2 thoughts on “Tamil New Year-Karunanidhi’s Con.

  1. ‘Thuglak’ dtd. 5/10/2011. தமிழின எதிரி துக்ளக் சோ சொல்லால் சரியாகதான் இருக்கும்.


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