Vijay TV-Airtel Super Singer Season 3,excerpts and Live.

Vijay Tv of STAR Group has been conducting  Music Talent Search in Tamil , called as Super Singer Season 3.

The Television Show was aired prime Time at 2100 hrs  STAR Vijay.

The channel is known for trend setting concepts like Talk Show Spoofs by Yogi Sethu,Mimicry contests,Debates for various age groups, Dance Contests and Hunt for Musical Talent in different age groups.

All these concepts have been copied by other Channels and are being run even now.

But the strength of Vijay TV lies in the fact that it knows when to stop!

Super Singer is such a show that has been on for nearly one and a half years.

The selection process is fair ,tough and fair.

Judges for these competitions are  well known personalities from the Classical,Cinema and Light Music World.

The show has been anchored well by Mr.Siva Karthikeyan, among others.

He has been out standing as an Anchor with his effortless delivery of dialogues,  mimicry and spontaneous spoof.

The Judges which included Singer Srinivas,Malgudi Subha,Shailaja,Unnikrishnan,Mano,Nithyasree Mahadevan, Sujatha,Maharajn among others.

 I do not normally watch these programmes.

However I found this programme to be very systematically organised and well promoted.

As I did not watch regularly I might have omitted some names

The Judges were impartial and very humane while pointing out mistakes of contestants.

Over all the Quality of the show was good.

Voice culture specialist Ananth has guided the contestants well.

I have uploaded some  good performances of Super Singer programme.

For live coverage of the Finale log on to Star Vijay 

Note,I expect Satyaprakash to win in the final.

Let me see  if my prediction comes true.

Normally even in elections,if I vote for some one .the Party will lose.

Hope I am proved wrong this once.

I am writing this portion of the blog after the Winner has been announced.

To my chagrin, I retain my track record.

Sai Charan has won the Title.

He too deserves the award.

It is just that Sathyaprakash is slightly better .

The most touching scene was Santosh, the boy with a smiling face, who genuinely expressed his happiness at his friend/Competitor’s Day of Glory and carried him on the dais spontaneously.

A born entertainer, Santosh is destined to become a good light Music Singer with his mellifluous voice and right modulations.

More importantly a great human being , for one at such an age.

May God Bless Him.


Author: ramanan50

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger

5 thoughts on “Vijay TV-Airtel Super Singer Season 3,excerpts and Live.”

  1. 1. Judgement should be finally made on the singing aspect
    2. Entertainment aspect is important but should only co-exist with the singing and can not be a dominant factor during judgement
    3. If they want to promote a child like Srikanth for their viewership and entertainment aspect, they can take them to finals keeping in mind seperate slot of award which will not affect the morale of talented.
    4. 50% result should be for public vote and 50% result should be for Judges vote and finally the channel should decide on an unbiased verdict ensuring the right candidate gets the award after discussing with the judges.
    5. More then the ‘large priced award like house, car etc for children,’, the prizes can be just recognition from music directors by giving singing opportunities
    6. Last but not the LEAST… Focusing the camera on parents should be avoided, they can hire separate audience from outside to keep the momentum but parents sentiments and criticism should be TOTALLY kept away. This way Vijay TV will get an increased participation from various section of the society. Even the educated, working elite parents would send their children to the show.
    7. The background of the child should not be disclosed until the final verdict. Whether they are economically weaker or they are the children of some celebrities.


  2. I and my family are a keen follower of this Airtel super singer Program, i had watched the episode on 29th September and really surprised by the attitude of Mr Srinivas , one of the Judges, i think he lacks maturity and has no respect for the public or his colleauge judges, he simply lets of his opinion always as the general views of all the judges, i feel he has really insulted the public by bieng harsh in saying that if they should judge on music and not on popularity, then why have a public view , they might have a closed door judgment like they did while chooisng the final 2.
    It was very obivious that the judges somehow wanted sathyaprakash in , otherwise how can Sai who in the 4 jonours got best singer in 2 and tied with sathyaprakash in one be sent out by half a mark, this must have been the handiwork of Mr Srinivas, i have a feeling this was a cause of the public getting upset with the judges and they showed this anger by voting for Sai in the wild card and in final. So indirectly the favour done by the judges in somehow retaining sathyaprakash went against him and angered the public to favour Sai.

    Otherwise it was obivious that that day sathyaprakash did better, but the action of the judges in favouring sathyaprakash was not forgotten by the public and therfore the Title to Sai.
    i feel Mr Srinivas should step down as judge in future Super singer progams and come back after some coaching from Mr Unni krishnan who is so poised as expected from a Judge.


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