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Human Evolution
Image by Manuel Cernuda via Flickr

It is obvious that Evolution has progressed from Single Cell and Simple organisms to more Complex Organism like Man.

This process is a long and tedious one.

However doubts still persist on the Validation of Darwinian Theory of Evolution.

To know more  and have in depth Knowledge of various Theories and the important web sites on Evolution ,New York Times has come out with a series of articles and tools on this subject.

Please follow the Links which are very useful.

Essay: Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May Live

‘Professor Dawkins’s great intellectual conviction is that evolution is progressive, and tends to lead to more and more complexity. Species, in his view, often arrive at similar solutions to evolutionary puzzles — the need for ears, eyes, arms or an octopus’s tentacle. And, often although not invariably, bigger brains. So the saber-toothed tiger shows up as a cat in Europe and Asia, and as a marsupial in South America. Different species seized on the same carnivorous solution. (He most certainly does not, however, view evolution as progressing toward us, that is humans — were we to disappear, some other species most likely would fill our evolutionary niche.)’



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