Poverty Line-Jokers of Planning Commission-Rs.32/day?

I am providing ground figures for Essentials to live.

Rent. in the worst scenario, you can get Rs 800/month/ for a family of four.

Rent account Rs 25

Rice Rs 5 (186 gms at Rs 22 /kg))

Wheat Rs2(166 gms.(Rs.12/kg)

Vegetables Rs. 1.80(you get any of these-150gm Potatoes,90 gms onions,90 gms Tomatoes,180 gms of Pumpkin.

Cereals Rs1(20 gms) @ 50/kg.

MilkRsRs.2.30(85 ml) @ 27/liter.

Gas Rs 112(1.6 kgs)

This totals Rs.149.10.

No other expenses like Electricity, Transport,Education,Medicine, Provisions are included.

(  I have taken the worst/best figures for calculation).

Does one meet calorie needs with this Diet?

The jokers should go to market once in a while.

However they inflate the figures when calculating Growth rate of Economic Indices.

According to the new criterion suggested by the planners, if a family of four in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai is spending anything more than Rs 3,860 per month on its members, it would not be considered poor. It’s a definition that many would find ridiculously unrealistic. Not surprisingly, the new above the poverty line definition has already created outrage among activists, who feel it is just a ploy to artificially depress the number of poor in India. The plan panel said these were provisional figures based on the Tendulkar committee report updated for current prices by taking account of the Consumer Price Index for industrial and agricultural workers.



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