Unique Identification (UIDAI), Aaadhaar, -How to get it?

The process is simple and it takes about 30 minutes to complete the formalities.
This is how you about getting it..
Ensure that your residential proof is at least three months old.


The process for getting UID,Aadhaar is simple and it takes about 30 minutes  to complete the formalities.
This is how you about getting it..
Ensure that your residential proof is at least three months old.
Aadhar -UIDAI
Aadhar -UIDAI
  • Aadhaar enrolment is free.
  • You can go to any authorized Aadhaar enrollment center anywhere in India with your identity and address proof.
  • Photo ID cards like PAN card and Govt ID cards are permissible for identity proof. Address proof documents also include water – electricity – telephone bills from the last three months. Pleaseclick here for a nationally valid list of Proof of Identity and Proof of Address documents. Common proofs of identity and address are election photo ID card, Ration card, passport and driving license.
  • Even if you or someone in your family does not have valid documents, you can still enrol. If the head of the household has relevant documents, he/she can first enrol and then introduce others in the family while they are enrolling. If even the head of household has no documents, you may take the help of Introducers available at the enrolment center.
  • At the enrollment center, please fill your personal details within the form. Your photo, finger-prints and iris scan will also be taken as a part of the enrollment. You can review the details you have provided and make corrections during enrolment itself. You will get an acknowledgment slip with an temporary enrolment number and other details captured during enrolment
  • You need to enrol only once. Enrolling again is a waste of your time as you will get only one Aadhaar number.
  • Based on your information provided, your details will be verified centrally. If your application is successful, an Aadhaar number will be generated and mailed to your address normally within 60 to 90 days.
Documents  needed.
Follow the Link.

Aadhaar Enrollment Form

Aadhaar Form

AADHAAR/Enrollment number: _______________

Date :_____ /______ /___________

Part A – Primary Details

Name: ___________

Mother / Father / Husband / Guardian’s Name _________________

(Name of Mother/Father/Guardian is must for children below 5 years of age)

Date of Birth: ___________

If not known, Age:______

Gender:   Male, Female, Transgender

Residential address:


House No. and name: ___________________

Street No. and name: ___________________

Landmark: ___________________

Village / City: ______________



Pin code: __________

Part B – Additional Information

Phone No. / Mobile No. (optional):

Email (optional):  ____________________

Part C – Financial Information

I want to link my existing bank A/c to Aadhaar and I have no objection on this issue.

Bank name and Branch _____________

A/c No.______________


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