Media should know where to Draw a Line.

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Satire,Spoof, Investigative journalism

We have seen some outstanding work by the Media .

But some seem to be carried away, degenerating into abuse,blackmail,being uncouth, vindictive and outright pornography.

Freedom is most powerful when used with restraint and commonsense.

Conservative opposition lawmakers said the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had overstepped good taste with a scene in which actors playing Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson cuddled naked and used the flag — with its historic ties to Britain and Australia’s Queen Elizabeth — as a sheet.

“Having sex in the prime minister’s office under the Australian flag is the last straw for me. It is sick. I’m offended and we should take a stand,” one lawmaker who could not be named told a closed door meeting of MPs, a conservative spokesman told a press briefing.

Another MP called for a rethink of taxpayer funding for the ABC, saying the program degraded the office of prime minister, currently held by center-left Labor rival Gillard, while monarchists said the use of the flag was disrespectful.

“I think a bit more discretion when using the flag is appropriate, even when you are trying to make a joke,” Australians for Constitutional Monarch head David Flint told Australian media.


2 thoughts on “Media should know where to Draw a Line.

  1. Yes I do agree mostly. Anything & everything in excess is bad. But still I think in such cases there is no point in discouraging a whistle blower. In the interest of the Society, the concerned should filter what is not required & just take up the core issue which is relevant to contest and act. If not things will never be known & corruption will go on unchecked & multiplied.


    1. Unfortunately media does not think that way most of the time.
      Such a report as envisaged , that which is objective and is in the interest of the Society, for them ,is bland which does not improve TRP rating!


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