Health- BMI (Body Mass Index) -Health parameters Online.

Simplified graph of body mass index
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You can check your Body Mass Index online by clicking the Link.

Good site for Health/F

ood Parameter Calculations.

Body Mass Index(BMI),

  • Waist-to-Height RatioBody shape (determined by Waist-to-Height Ratio) is often considered to be the best indicator of health related to weight.
  • RMR – Resting Metabolic RateThe number of calories you burn if you do nothing all day.
  • Healthy Body Weight RangeThe range with the least risk of weight-related health problems.
  • Daily Caloric IntakeThe recommended number of calories from food/drinks to meet your weight goals.
  • Target Heart RateThe heart rate needed to achieve maximum exercise results.

All these parameters which indicate your general health can be found at the above sites.


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2 thoughts on “Health- BMI (Body Mass Index) -Health parameters Online.”

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