Wisdom Of Lord Krishna,Srimad Bhagavad Gita.Why? -2.

I had gone through the vicissitudes of Life in full measure, more than what I thought  I could bear,be it losing wife at the age of 28,losing custody of the child,losing jobs,hunting for jobs, financial fiascos,seeing 12 deaths in the family in eight successive years,all very close ,separated from the family,reunited,being placed in a comfortable position now….

through out,if it was one thing that sustained me was , it was The Bhagavad Gita.

As I remarked earlier I was simply reading it with meanings explained by different Acharyas like Sankara,erudite scholars like Dr.Radha Krishnan,Professor.T.M.P.Mahadevan and others.

If simple reading alone could help an individual to face problems of Life, nothing more can be said of the benefits that might accrue if one were to study the Bhagavad Gita.

With the limited exposure I have of The Vedas,Six Systems of Indian Philosophy,Western Systems of Philosophy,Realism, Idealism,Solipsism,Pragmatism, Existentialism and Logical Positivism and the like,Modern Concepts in Physics,Astrophysics and most importantly my experiences in Life, I am now attempting to look at Gita from my stand point,more precisely the way it has affected me in the conduct of Life.

This is by no means a commentary worth the name in its real sense for what more can one say than Adi Sankaracharya?

There is bound to be mistakes  and I apologies in advance.

Wherever my views or interpretations are at variance with established texts and commentaries, my views may be taken with a pinch of salt.

Readers are welcome to share their views and comments.

I welcome criticisms more.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita  , may be looked at from different perspectives, even from an Atheist’s perspective.

From Reason.

Question is whether one would have had the time to explain 700 Slokas  in the midst the armies that were arrayed in the battlefield of Kurukshetra in The Mahabharata and whether the sworn enemies would have waited till Lord Krishna completed his exposition.

It just looks to be beyond reason.

Before jumping to any conclusion, let us look at some of the facts that speak of the highest cultural practices narrated in The Mahabharata,described by Veda Vyasa.

Draupadi was being stripped in open court.

While every one was keeping quiet,including Bhisma,Krupa and Drona, Duryodana‘s brother takes him to task and Duryodana allows him to have his say.

When Kunti asks Karna to abandon Duryadana and join forces with Yudhistra,his brother, he replies that he would never  contemplate such an action for it was Duryodana who sustained him and saved him from the ignominy of being thrown out as an out cast.

Still he promises not to attack/engage any one other than Arjuna in the War;that he would not use Nagastra( a type of Astra) more than once on Arjuna.

He gave away his protective Armour,Kavacha and Kundala, though he knew it was Indra who came asking for them to protect His son Arjuna.

In the battlefield, he gave away the Punyaas( Good results that accrue because of good deeds performed, including  his present deed), to Lord Krishna who sought for it ,appearing in the form of a poor Brahmin, despite knowing it was Lord Krishna.

Bhima hits Duryodana, at the fag end of the war, below the waist, in Wrestling( which was not correct practice) and wounds him mortally.

Krishna’s elder brother Balarama chides Krishna for ordering Bhima to attack Duryodana thus, and leavea for Kasi( Varanasi) for atonement.

Duryadana lies dying.

Aswaththaama, son of Dronachaarya, angered at the way Duryodana was felled and the way Dronacharaya was killed by Yudhistra declaring’Aswathtaama,killed,an Elephant while Krishna blew His Conch, The Panchchjanya at the precise moment when ‘elephant’ was pronounced,( which made Drona drop his Bow and Arjuna killed him), vows to wipe out the Pandava Dynasty and sends an Astra in the form of a ‘Dharpa'( a reed used by Brahmins for performing their daily rites) and it kills every one except the Panadavas( who were whisked to Safety by Lord Krishna).

It killed the offspring of every one in the Pandava dynasty(except Parikshit, who was saved in the womb by , who else, Lord Krishna).

Aswaththaama brags about this to Duryodhana that he has wiped out Pandavas, Duryodhana, furious, shouts at him” Do you know what you have done? Pandavas are my brothers.I have issues with them.What have the children to do with this? They as much my children and belong to my dynasty as they are to Pandavas.

You are not a Brahmin,why, you are not even a human being.Get lost .I do not want to look at you any more”

Aswaththaama leaves in penitence for Holy Pilgrimage.

This is not all.

Let us see some more examples of the Culture  practiced even by the sworn enemies.

…………to be continued..


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