News of The World Closes.What about Corrupt Journalists and Media in India?

It shows the world what irresponsible journalism  can do to an old news paper.

The line between responsible and the irresponsible journalism is very thin.

In this case it is outright greed for money and sensation mongering.

However investigative journalism may have to break laws at times,as in the case of the Document submitted to the Joint Parliamentary Committee found its way into Times Now News Channel in its pursuit of nailing the corrupt in 2G Scam.

It is obvious that the document which was submitted by the Finance Ministry on July 7th was aired on 7th July,could not have been obtained by legal means.

When the transgression is severe the chase is also likely to be by devious and unlawful route.

On the other hand ,what about Burkha Dutt,Virsanghivi ,who among others, have confabulated with Nira Radia fixing Cabinet berths in India?

The British Media has welcomed the move to shut down News of the World.

What about the Indian Counter parts on  these transgressing journalists?

Is Indian Media really Free?

Please read my blogs  under Corruption.


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