Kids(9-12) Share Parent’s Credit Card Details and Personal Information -McAfee Survey-Effective Solution?

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The Threat of internet to  children is not to be underestimated.

Now we have Children sharing vital personal information of themselves and Parent‘s Credit card details on the net..

This information is highly dangerous as the potential kidnappers can evaluate their victims.

And the same report also mentions that Bangalore logs 28%(second in India,first being Bombay with 40%) of Browsing adult contents.

Please follow the Links below for details.

The tendency of parents to substitute money and gadgets for their children is one of the reasons.

With Double income parents on the rise, parents spend little time with children.

To assuage their guilt over not finding time to spend with children, they place money and gadgets at the disposal of vulnerable children.

Parents must choose what is more important in their Life children’s welfare  or economic prosperity to meet unwanted and addictive  items and habits.

Shifting blame to internet Technology and changing world is only a feeble attempt of refusing to face the reality of not caring  the children.

Children seek expression and comfort in the internet which has been denied to them at Home.

Parents are well advised to take care before it becomes too late.

Some technical help is provided by technology to combat this problem.

Even this has become suspect.

Read this as well.

A Federal class action suit filed by Rosen, Bien & Galvin, out of San Francisco alleges that McAfee uses deceptive techniques to “trick” users into handing their credit card information to a third party partner.

After entering the information, previously undisclosed charges charges appear on the user’s credit bill.  The suit alleges that when the user attempts to contact the third party to cancel the “service” they receive a recording that states it “does not offer cancellation or subscription services )

However one must remember that this is only a temporary one and lasting solution is attention to children.

You track and lock the computer or sites.

What next?

Children are going to agree with you and stop these activities?


McAfee commissioned Synovate, to conduct a comprehensive research titled ‘How safe are Indian kids online?’ across 10 cities- New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Cochin, covering 500 children and 496 parents. Following are key highlights of the revelations from this survey: (Please refer to Annexure 1 for a detailed analysis of the survey)

· 62% of all polled kids have shared personal information online.

· 58% kids share their home addresses on the internet.

· 39% of all polled kids do not tell their parents about these online activities

· 12% of all polled kids had been victims of some kind of cyber threat

-12% share parent’s credit card details…..

In the context of these newfound online threats, McAfee Family Protection offers a host of essential features to enable Indian families in monitoring their children’s online activities:

· Age-Appropriate Settings – Settings are customized according to age-groups;

· Filtering for Music and Online GamesParents can decide what rating of content children have access to. Types of filtering include:

o Songs with explicit lyrics from iTunes

o Access to online gaming sites

o Viewing of objectionable videos on YouTube

· Encrypted website blocking blocks teens from accessing proxy sites so they cannot try to bypass content filters;

· Program blocking enables parents to block any program, including file sharing networks which can lead to malware infections on PCs;

· Instant messaging monitoring enables parents to monitor and record complete instant message conversations to alert them of improper dialogue with strangers;

· Time limits help families manage the amount of time their children spend online: families are able to set the day and/or time for when their child can access the Internet;

· Email blocking pre-approves email accounts that a child is able to access and blocks emails from unknown sources;

· Instant email alerts can be sent to parents when access to objectionable material is attempted;

· Social network filtering records all social network postings that contain profanity and posts that include confidential information that has been predetermined by parents–such as a home address, phone, school name, etc

McAfee Family Protection incorporates technology from McAfee® Safe Eyes® software, which has won the following awards:

Ranked #1 in parental control programs in the European Commission Report , earning the highest overall score of 29 filtering products
· The National Parenting Center’s 2011 Seal of Approval two years in a row

· Winner of PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award two years in a row

· Rated #1 in Independent Testing of 11 Leading Products

· Outstanding Score of 4.5 out of 5 by MacFan Magazine

For additional information on where to purchase McAfee Family Protection, please visit

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