Book HP Gas Online-IVR,SMS.

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Hindustan Petroleum Gas has provided its customers to book an HP gas online.
How to do Online Booking of HP Gas
Here are the steps to make an online HP gas booking:

* log on to the official website of HP (Hindustan Petroleum) gas. (
* From there they need to sign in for a Jihaan Account.
* Signing up in this account is also very simple. All a user need to do is to type in their E-mail ID and a password of their choice within the prescribed number of characters.
* After entering on to this part one needs to provide their customer or consumer id number.
* Another unique feature of this website is that if one forgets its password then there is also an option to get back their password. All one need to do is to state their e-mail id once again after clicking on to the ‘forget password’ link.
* The online booking facility is available for select few HP gas distributors. So the customer needs to mention the name of the authorized HP distributor.

After the above mentioned steps are completed, HP Gas new connection booking almost done, now you are one step away from getting the gas cylinder. You have to submit the set of all the required documents to the nearest branch. Make a note of your customer id and submit the remaining documents.
Documents to be submitted for New booking of HP Gas Cylinder

* Copy of address proof.
* Copy of your ration card and voter id.
* Copy of your telephone bill, and electricity bill.

After verification of all the documents you will be receiving HP GAS connection with a Subscription voucher and Domestic gas connection card. These two need to be maintained for further refilling of gas and any future changes in address.
Security deposit rates for HP Gas new connection

* You have to pay Rs.2500 for two cylinder connection.
* You have to pay Rs.1250 for one cylinder connection.
* You have to pay Rs.150 for one regulator.

Note: The security deposit paid at the time of new connection will be refunded back only if you are able to produce Subscription voucher and Domestic gas holder card at the time of gas connection termination.
Other ways of Booking HP Gas Cylinder..

One can do the booking from phone and it can also be done by sending an SMS as well. For phone booking, the number that one needs to dial is 12665. The booking be done any time since this a single 24 hour booking number.

Similarly SMS booking and online booking are also the way of booking a gas cylinder anytime. These are the various ways of booking an HP Gas Cylinder.

You can find the nearest branch or distributors address and the gas filling methods by visiting HP Customer Care


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13 thoughts on “Book HP Gas Online-IVR,SMS.”

    1. If you are using the SMS facility for the first time, then SMS IOC to xxxxxxxxxx. For example, in case the distributor’s telephone number is 26024289 and consumer number is QX00827C, SMS shall be send as follow : IOC 1126024289 QX00827C. For subsequent bookings, send SMS IOC to xxxxxxxxxx. Find circle from the distributor


  1. The number you have given “12665” is incorrect it seems. I tried dialing it but to no avail. The website “Jihaan” could not send a validation mail to my email id and so I could not book thru net also. I seriously don’t want to go to the HP store since the staff there is very rude. 😦


  2. Sir previously hp gas booking my friend phone number this number forget me sir present booking the hpgas your personal to the send sms or calling personal number forget sir pls sugession me sir


    1. Can you elaborate?
      Affidavit is asked if you do not have Ration Card .
      I have posted a blog on Indane for getting cylinders when on transfer.The same procedure applies to HP.


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