Book Indane Gas Online,IVRS,SMS.

Following is the procedure.

Indian Oil launched enhanced Automated Unified System (AUS) of refill booking for the Indane customers of Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata,Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Kochi, Noida and Patnafrom 5th March 2011. This system is designed to make refill booking faster, simpler and more efficient. Now you can book your refills round the clock through SMS and IVRS. However, you need to book the refill only 25 days after the last supply date.

Booking Indane gas through IVRS

First time, dial the respective Indane IVR number  of your area  from your landline / mobile.


Hyderabad: 9848824365

Chennai:  8124024365


Kolkata: 9088324365

Lucknow: 8726024365

Chandigarh: 9781324365

Kochi: 9961824365

Noida & Delhi:9911554411

and follow the steps as guided by voice response.

First,Select the language options.

Second, enter the phone number of you distributor with STD code.You can find your Indane gas dealer/distributor phone number from here.

Third, enter your Indane gas consumer number.

Fourth,select from the options for booking refill.

After these steps, the system would provide you the reference for refill booking and if you are using it for the first time it will prompt you to  register your phone number from which you called.

After the initial registration, for future booking, registered users can dial Indane IVR number from the registered phone number and select an option through the interactive mode for a) refill booking or b) registering complaint or c) for status of the previous booking. If refill booking is opted for, the system would respond with the reference number for refill booking and an SMS will send be send your mobile with reference number.

Indane gas booking through SMS.

To use the SMS booking facility kindly register your mobile number through IVR System . Once the registration is just done , simply book a cylinder by typing IOC to the respective IVR number of your area. Then you will get an SMS alert about your indane gas refill booking and delivery details etc.

I have noticed that once you book from your mobile the system is not accepting

booking for another consumer number.

I booked for my daughter but unable to get the same done for my home.

I am looking for a solution.

I solved the problem by getting the gas booked from my Daughter in law’s mobile.

*E& O E.


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53 thoughts on “Book Indane Gas Online,IVRS,SMS.”

  1. I want change my rifil booking phone no
    Consumer no-CX19294809
    Ditibusar -neelkamal west Bengal 24pgs
    Old phone-9614711707
    New phone -9475612262


  2. I want to changed my mobil No for booking refill.
    C no ; MM11315.
    Agency .Mohan&Mohan faridabad.
    hone No 0129 _22722112
    Old m no 9312708983
    New m no 8743802377


  3. how to stop booking from other mobiles or landlines. only the ivrs should allow booking from the registered mobile not from any other number?


  4. Please lodge a complaint at the company’s site in the web and contact the Sales officer of the company whose address will be displayed in the distributor’s office.


  5. hi , I want to change the customer number for the registered mobile number. what is the procedure to do ? plz kindly let me know


  6. Dear Sir

    I have registered my mobile number in the IVRS system , but now i am in abroad so not able to book the gas. how to change my registered number to my mom number.


    1. Visit your Dealer in person and sort it out.
      Carry your ID and Yiur Gas Voucher/initial depsoit receipt,
      If these are not available, check ith your dealer,
      You may provide an affidavit on this issue and get the Cylinder


  7. Dear Sir

    I have registered my mobile number in the IVRS system , but now i am in abroad so not able to book the gas. how to change my registered number to my mom number.

    I am having my sim with me so no tower in my country so wat is the solution kindly help me


  8. I have lost my registered mobile no / sim and intend to register new mobile no. May I get the procedure , please.


  9. I booked through SMS and haven’t received the reference number back in SMS. Called up to helpline and came to know that it has booked and provided the booking reference number. But I haven’t received the LPG yet and am not sure how to check the status of that booked reference number. Please advise..


  10. my gas supplier is badshahpur indane ,gurgaon in last 2 days i have connected to ivrs of ioc and responded as per guide lines. as soon as i confirmed my agency name, i am told to contact my gas agency as booking could not be done through gas agency ,badshahpur indane does not book directly as usual.what to do now? even tallfree no 18002333555 is not aproachable.


  11. Hi

    I booked a gas cylinder through SMS and Gas cylinder also received.
    How to book for another cylinder.(I have two cylinders). Is there any time limit to book the second one through ivrs /sms?

    How may days I have to wait for that to send sms?


    1. If the second cylinder you have at home is empty, you can book through as you have done for `the first one.
      If it does not get registered,please check with your distributor as to how many days later we can book for the second cylinder as the time for booking for the second cylinder varies from Region to region.( The distributor has phone lines for enquiry as well”.
      If this also does not give you the information, please contact the Company’s Officer by phone.


  12. Gas Cylinder agent(04424501333) at Sholinga Nallure, Chennai-119 who could not supply the cylinders. My Gas agent was Trilok Gas Service at Adaiyar who was stripped of his licence and and I was asked to contact Thiruvanmiyur Gas agent. After one month I was told by that thiruvanmiyur agent contact Sholinga Nallure new agent. I have booked on 5h Julai, 2011 and few days later when contated I was told gas cylinder will come to day. Every now and then I have contacted got the reply- it will come today but never delivered. Even i have threatened going to consumer court but could not.get the cylinder.
    I tried contact the complaint no.04424339236 who din’t respond.
    During the complaind today to change Gas Agent to Thiruvanmiyur or Adaiyar as they are near my residence 2 t0 3 KM where as the Sholinga Nallure agent is more than 13 KM and whose service very poor. They are not changing and agent also telling lie that my door was always locked.I went personally and collected the cylinder on 6Th August.
    How to complaint through email about both the agent and the Indane authority. Where to go further to change the agent.
    .I have asked this in Yahoo Q&A also (;_ylt=AqaeGHCQfJ1GjNbywi79z2mQHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110724205912AAwRN6m). All my phone contacts could be collected from the BSNL..


    1. For complaints contact the Regional Office IOC,Chennai.
      +(91)-(44)-28339000, 28339001, 28339207, 28339018 No 139 Indian Oil Bhavan, Opp To The Park Hotel, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034.
      Send email and SMS by clicking the options listed in the site at Dial ,Chennai)
      Visit the office at Nungambakkam and lodge a complaint in person .
      Carry the original gas allotment communication,last Gas bill and the communication regarding the change of Agency ans also carry proof of Residence and personal photo ID,
      You can also get the Sales office Adyarr of the old gas agency at any of the Indane Agency at Adyar( This will be displayed in the board at the gas Agency or ask the Agency in person.
      Contact the Toll free number for complaints 1800-2333-555


  13. my neighbour unknowingly booked her gas cylinder from our landline and now we are stuck as we are not able to book our cylinder using our landline. I understand that we can create an alternate solution by booking through our mobile numbers but can someone tell me whether it is possible to cancel a given registered landline number in indane’s records so that I can sort out this mess! Thanks.


    1. ‘We are not able to book through land line’-Are you not getting the IVRS number ?
      Will you let me know the exact problem?
      Or try this.
      Please contact the same IVRS number through you booked earlier.
      You will be given an option for alternate number.


    2. ‘We are not able to book through land line’-Are you not getting the IVRS number ?
      Will you let me know the exact problem?
      Or try this.
      Please contact the same IVRS number through you booked earlier.
      You will be given an option for alternate number.


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