Tamil Proverbs for Karunanidhi.

Saint Thiruvalluvar.

DMK Chief Karunanidhi,in his birth day address to’his brothers'(party cadres-age has no meaning for him) quoted a Tamil Proverb-‘கூடா நட்பு தீதில் முடியும்’ , meaning ‘Unholy Alliance will end in Disaster’.

Political pundits take it to mean the DMK’s alliance with Congress.

Congress seems to be hunting with the fox and running with the hare in dealing with 2G scam,arrest of Kanimozhi and harassment of Kalaignar TV.

It could also have been directed at Maran Brothers who have stated that  the allegations of 323 telephone lines and Dayanidhi Maran‘s scam of Aircel have been foisted by Raja when he was the IT Minister.

To me it seems that it is Karunanidhi’s Conscience(hope he has one) speaking about him.

I have a few more Tamil proverbs to Karunanidhi’s Conscience.

‘தன் வினை தன்னைச் சுடும் ‘-Your Actions will nail You.

‘வினை விதைத்தவன்  விதை அறுப்பான் ‘- As you Sow, so You Reap.

‘அரசியல் பிழைத்தோர்க்கு அறம் கூற்றாகும்-‘For those who Rule improperly,Righteousness will hand out Death.-Silappathikaaram.

‘ஊழ் வினை  உறுத்து வந்து ஊட்டும் ‘ Your actions will chase you wherever you are-Silappathikaaram.

‘நன்றும் தீதும் பிறர் தர வாரா’-Good and Bad are not due  others-Kanian Poonkunranaar,Puranaanooru.

Karunanidhi formed Arasu Cable Corporation to wipe out SUN Network.

Jayalaithaa is using it.

He arrested Jayalaithaa, he had her saree pulled out in the Assembly.

His daughter Kanimozhi is in jail , with no time frame specified.

He made a Father disown his  son who was killed when a Doctorate was conferred on Karunanidhi by Annamalai University.

His eldest son Muthu is a vagabond who accepted money from Jayalalithaa for a living.

He is unable to sleep trying o balance between wife and other wife.

His sons Azhagir and Stalini are feuding for power.

He wasted Public Money by giving Color TV when people needed food and Jobs.

His daughter was given a small TV in Jail.

The same TVs made people watch 2G Scam  in the TV gifted by him.

He betrayed friends like EVK Sampath,Nedunchezhian,Mathiazhagan.MGR,Sivaji Ganesan.. list is too long.

Now those around him, including his sons and other wife ,are betraying him.


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